Root Elementary School

Halloween Is Scary

The ghost ahhhing
and ahhhing in your
face. The scarecrows shooing
you away.
The horrifying pumpkins
CANDY! The scariest
thing in the world is not
getting the kind of
candy you would

Addison Scott


If crayons were alive, green
would try to walk out
the door. Then green
would find out that it is
raining. Brown would get sat on
and broken. Then a paperclip
would put him back together.

Aurora Mooney


A barn
in the outdoors.
100 years old.
Smells like smoke.
I’m too scared to taste,
feels rough,
and the wood really sounds like
nothing when I tap on it.
I’m so glad I don’t
have to live in it.

Alysondra Schirling

Why Does Saturn Have Rings?

Because god liked
it so he put a
little ring on it.

Henry Martin

My City

My teeth would be houses.
My hands would be school.
My tears would be rain and
my cry would be thunder. My
hair a pool. My brain archipelago.

Sawyer Berry

My Color Gold Sunset

The golden sun is down.
It’s time to go home
and eat my soup and
my bread.

Keegan Allee

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want
to be a leprechaun and
steal people’s cereal and
carry a 200-pound pot
of gold a day and
live in a tree and
sell people’s stuff
for gold standard
again across the
world and eat
cereal and when
I die I will turn
into a rainbow.

Cooper Clark


If pizza had wings, could it fly?
Yes, it could! If pizza had feet could
it walk in your mouth? Maybe!
If it had hair would YOU EAT IT?
I sure wouldn’t!

Laila Hartson

The Sea

When you go to the beach
you see the sea. The sea
is as calm as you and
me. The sea sometimes looks
like a big fluffy cloud.
The waves in the sea look
like big whales. When you
swim in the sea it feels
like you are sleeping
on a cloud. The sea
gets closer to land and
it feels like it will
take you to heaven.
The sea will protect you and
me. The sea fills up your
brain with great things.
The sea is as calm as
you and me. The sea!

Maddie Dinwiddie

The Fly

Bzz. . . Bzz. . .

The fly

sounds in alarm.

It’s being

stalked by

that thing that I


The widow

that red hourglass on its


Dangerous thing helps us


Eating, eating,

eating, eating those pests

in that web.


have to be a widow.

Eating mosquitoes, flies, ticks
and fleas.

If not, the world




Emmett Jackson

The Kid Celebrity

One day on TV I saw a girl
with a white bunny puppet
in a pink dress.
Her name was Darcy Lynne.
Her favorite taste is of peppercorn
and her favorite color
is of midnight blue.

Caroline Bostick

Root Elementary School 
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: September 26-27, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Alissa Bradley
Grade Level: 3
Appx. Number Students Served: 90
Visiting Writers: Samuel Binns, Patrick Font, Karstin Hale, Sara Ramey