Vandergriff Elementary

Travel Trash 

Every year we have a game
in some place I’ve never been
but every year we stop at a revolting
gas station.
Sure they have food, drinks,
but if you take some glimpse, just one
you will see how nasty, revolting,
and sometimes creepy it can be:
shady people, cracked ceilings with
bugs crawling out, broke down
bathrooms with red paint, but
in there, it is all for my love
of the game. 

Maddux Glade

What I Grew Up In

I grew up with moving boxes
And airplane rides
I grew up in the spring
trees and the chirping

I grew up with short
grass and tall trees
I grew up with hot
meals and warm showers

I grew up with mountains
and hills and ponds

I grew up with amazing
teachers and amazing
education with great
family and super friends
I grew up with a roof over
my head and people
who care about me
who would put their
lives in front of me
I am loved 

Addison Hobbs


I love Mexico.
Mexico is super beautiful.
I love all about Mexico,
but I had to leave it
It was so sad. I had to leave
all my friends and family
but after all, now I speak two languages
although I miss Mexico.
I will never forget my beautiful Mexico.

Regina Hernandez

Where I’m From 

I’m from being picked
and carried to bed. I am
from a quiet street.
I am from hot chocolate
on the porch outside
with a trampoline outside.
I’m from a beautiful
sunset and a beautiful
night with a “goodnight”
by the side. 

Eleanor Bricker

The Final Eclipse

Behold the final eclipse,
behold reality as it rips,
behold the moon,
behold worshippers as they swoon,
the followers of the fun
have to sprint and run

Jude Cummings

Sociopath Simon 

Evil little gray cat, completely emotionless
except for rage.
Opens doors, invades dreams,
plays some music on the piano.
You have been warned.

Henry Thompson

Ode to Philosophy 

When I read your books
it swirls in my mind with questions
and ideas, then the only thing I
can dream of is philosophy. It’s like
the magic of my mind. 

Maggie Jandik


Sing to me, oh muses, of the beast
they call the minotaur. The beast is
part man, part bull.
The minotaur lived in a giant labyrinth
and could not be tamed. 

George Walker


There the panda lays,
there in the zoo,
just in the corner eating bamboo
with the sound of cameras clicking,
the sight of the lights flashing
with the taste of bamboo in his mouth. 

Landry Gilbert

My Universe

As I hear a blue whale
singing, I look into the galaxy. I see a black hole
coming, but swoosh! It
passes by me. I feel warm
and hear the sounds of waves
and bubbles. As I sit on a
meteor, I look at all of
the planets. Nothing can
hurt me. Because this is my universe. 

Ayla Koru


Black is lovable because it represents
everything and nothing
at once. Black is lovable
because there are lots of
great people wearing black
right now. Black is just a
color but it’s itself, black
and black only. 

Niko Randall

The Rusted Barn 

So much depends
upon the rusted barn.
Holds all of the
livestock, strives
to stick together.
It won’t last long in
the open meadow. 

Ella Claire

Vandergriff Elementary
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dates of Visit: February 14-15
Faculty Sponser: Marci Tate
Grade Level: 3rd, 4th
Appx. Number Students Served: 250
Visiting Writers: Elizabeth Muscari, Dylan Hopper, Claire Scott, Erin Pinkham, Cal Paule, Vasantha Sambamurti