Since 1973, the WITS program has been administrated, staffed, and taught by graduate students in the University of Arkansas Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Program in Creative Writing and Translation. Every single poetry prompt and exercise that WITS brings into your classroom has been created by MFA students at Arkansas who are either current or former members of the WITS Staff.

While many of us arrived at graduate school with teaching, coaching, or counseling experience, we all have taught (and most of us currently teach) undergraduate writing courses at the University of Arkansas. At the U of A, you will find us teaching the following courses: Creative Writing Workshops 1 and 2 (poetry and fiction), Essay Writing (creative non-fiction), World Literature, Composition 1 and 2, Technical Writing, and Advanced Composition. Also, in addition to teaching and participating in WITS, you can find many of us tutoring at the Quality Writing Center on campus.

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