Little Rock Central High School

A pineapple is a promise

that i’ll be safe
that i won’t do anything you won’t do
that i won’t party too hard
that i’ll call you when i get in
that i’ll drive the speed limit
that i won’t play my music too loud
that i’ll wear a seat belt
that i’ll call you if anything happens

Michaela Crenshaw

Dear Necklace

Dear Necklace,

I feel like you hold a piece of my soul in you, that you and I are one and the same.

Please come back,


Dear Necklace,

I remember your shape and I think that is the shape of my love. I’m sorry I lost you.

Forgive me,


Dear Necklace,

You reappeared in my bathroom today, perhaps you heard my call?

Confused, yet elated,


Dear Necklace,

The material world cannot contain me. I still love you.


Ella Moody


my parents get divorced
I start taking dance
I start taking a cooking class
I quit cooking class
I see my first movie in theaters
I fall in love with movies
I hear Taylor Swift in concert
I become a Belieber
My mom gets married again
I’m Queen Lady Bug in a school play
I sing in the talent show
I get my first boyfriend
I break up with my first boyfriend
I bite a child
I get my first behavior document for biting
I cry at school for the first time

Maddy Adkins

Are you alone?

Are you alone?
I’m inside your house.
I picked the two locks on your front door
I’ve made it to the bathroom
Your neighbors didn’t see me come in
I’m inside your bedroom
So, you are alone.
I’m under your bed.
Try not to move.

Mae Higgins

Self Portrait: A pencil lying on the floor of a 1st grade class

I’m small. Maybe because I’ve been sharpened
and crafted so much, I’ve lost my true form. But
that’s okay, change is good.
I’m bruised. People use me for what they need
then lose me. I have marks and cracks. But
that’s okay, my scars signify my strength.
I’m slim. I’m always on the move and I
help writers EXERCISE their rights, so I don’t have
much dead weight. It’s tiring. But that’s okay,
I’m needed.
I have so much potential in reach and greatness is just
waiting at my tips!

Jamee McAdoo

The kite that fell from the sky and hit a little boy in the forehead and sent him to the doctor’s office, leaving a dent in his forehead

I told you watch out for that kite, son. Now
look at you, that’s what you get.
Father I despise being told “I told you so” and
would rather be taken care of in times of struggle.
I’m taking care of you, we’re on our way
to the hospital.
But the commentary you provide makes me feel
incompetent. Makes me feel less than. While the
trickles of blood run down my punctured
forehead, you sit here and chastise me for something
that harmed ME. I was the victim of this
kite! Woe is me who will have to live with
the scar of a fallen kite on the center of his
I think you’re being dramatic.
And if I am let me be! I taste iron,
warm iron on the tips of my tongue that
seep through the corners of my lips!
Use the towel I gave you to press down on the cut.
This towel cannot handle all of the trauma
of my soul, so I will let myself bleed.
Suit yourself. I’m not gonna carry you if you pass out.

Nyah Peyton

What We All Want to Know About Bruce Willis

Has Bruce Willis ever gotten head lice?
Head lice hate Bruce Willis.
All 18 billion of them on the planet.
You can read about this at the library.
The Pope wrote about it in his private diary.
He declared that Bruce fights them off with his bare hands.
He’s also been bald since he was like 20, so he doesn’t.
Mel Gibson does though.

Drew Clark


To the house across the street,
I’m sorry for thinking a witch lived inside you when I was younger.
I just didn’t know how to explain why you were so dilapidated.
To the house across the street,
I finally met the man who lives inside you today.
How long has he lived with you? How long has his son lived with him?
To the house across the street,
I saw a For Sale sign in your yard today.
Apparently a lot of people want you, but they don’t like you
Mom says they want to tear you down.
To the yard across the street,
Thanks for being there for me, even if I thought you were a witch-house
I’ll miss you, but I won’t know why.

Ann Rayburn

Dear Easy Bake Oven

Dear Easy Bake Oven,                            11/21/2007

I put you on my Christmas list today after seeing
you on my TV. A little girl about my age was playing
with you. Your light flashed green and she opened
you up and out came the most mouth watering
chocolate cake my eyes have ever seen. I can’t
wait to see you under my Christmas tree this
Devin Sugg

Dear Easy Bake Oven,                            12/25/2007

I am so excited that you have joined my family
today! Santa got me the best gift in the world
and that gift was you! I saw you under my
Christmas tree wrapped in shiny red paper.
The twinkling lights strung off the tree
reflected majestically off your wrapper. I snatched
you up and ripped your paper not even
along your seams. Carelessly tearing away
so we could finally be together. You were
my favorite toy this year, you beat
all my barbies and webkinzs. I promise
to play with you everyday until you don’t
work anymore.
Devin Sugg

Dear Easy Bake Oven,                         02/13/2008

Hey, I am sorry it’s been so long
and you haven’t heard from me. I am
kinda over you sorry it didn’t take that
long. You were too much work and mommy
didn’t have time to help. I promise someone
will play with you again someday.
Trust me it’s not you, it’s me.
Devin Sugg

Devin Sugg

It’s not going down anymore

Why do people like to test me?
my mama tells me to always keep my calm
if anything is going down I give people three options
they can meet me at the trap, it’s going down. meet me at
the mall, it’s going down. meet me at the club, it’s going down
But anywhere we meet my grandma guarantees it’s going down
I’ve been working on myself though
People like to test me because they see I’m trying to do better
but I’m living my best life, people can only dream of
breaking my spirit

Paige Mitchell

Little Rock Central High School
Little Rock, AR
Dates of Visit: October 19 and 23, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Sharolyn Jones-Taylor
Grade Levels: 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 21
Visiting Writers: Patrick Font, Karstin Hale, Rachel Thomas, Jacob Yordy