Lavaca Middle School

Ode to my glasses

This is an ode to my sight bringers, my glasses.
My glasses help me see things I’ve always
wanted to see such as dinosaurs dancing in the moonlight
or birds telling their family goodbye as they
search for food in the deep ocean blue.
My glasses are big and round, so I can see
plenty the normal eye could never see.
So my advice to you is don’t be ashamed of your sight-bringers.

Kaylee Price

Make me

Lord make me a butterfly. Make me a rose.
Make me a cheeseburger. Make me a fly.
Make me a basketball. Make me a horse
Make me a heart so someone can love me.

Makenna Jeffcoat

A fish-scaled sunrise

As the southern Florida sun peaked over
the clouds like a Jack in the
Box popping over the side of the box. The
sky looked like a newly caught bass

Chandler Phillips

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Lavaca

Here I am.
Here I am on Earth.
I hear cars go by up
and down my street.

Cailyn Smith

“Ode to my hands”

My hands if I didn’t have you I wouldn’t
be able to eat, drink, or write this bad, etched poem
you are like a robot you never stop moving
except when we’re asleep, I wish you could
open a pair of pale eyes so you could see what
hideous and sometimes beautiful things you do.

Cody Lockhart


Make me a book,
oh mighty creator
make me into a book
an old book that sits
on the library shelf
too high to be reached
Make my cover be old smooth leather
slightly cracking of old age and
coated in a light gray dust
Turn me into a book with pages
so old and brittle that if you turn
them too fast you risk them cracking
Make me a book with that old
moldy smell that every true reader
loves dearly,

Make me a book with the font
Old English size 12 with some
words fading with age and pages
staining yellow

Monica Dorsey

Make me

Make me a dragon soaring in the sky
make me the king of the messing beast. Make the heavy sword
in the battle for that’s life. Make
me the weapon of a hero make me
an attack of the god make me
the arrow that vanquishes the demons
make me armor of the hero that
oppress the imitating gods.

Jason Greenwood

Ohh to Hairy Toe

Ooh to that hairy toe
I brushed you and dressed you
so soft and long
black and brown
as you grew I cried
but the time came
and you were waxed
on that light blue waxing strip
I still carry you around a lick you when missed
I love that hair from that unhairy toe!

Hannah Rogers

Lawson’s poem

Do you like burgers?

I love goats because they scream
funny and there playful.
My favorite place to eat is Steak
N Shake. It’s in Dallas though.

I love dogs.

My favorite number is 21 because
that is what number Zeke Elliott is.

My favorite smell is gas.

I sure love burgers.

Lawson Webb

Ode to my Book

My book is my getaway car
It doesn’t matter what has happened
When I start reading
All problems disintegrate
My book is my hideout
I can hide from reality
through my book

Ava McCormick

King County Public Library: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

As I walk into King County Public
Library, I hear many little sounds.
I hear the buzz of the computer at the
circulation desk. I hear someone flipping
through the gigantic dictionary in the
middle of the room. I hear my mother’s </span
feet pitter-patter on the carpeted
floor. I hear an infant’s small cry.
I hear the whir of the printers
perched to my left. I hear the scanner
beep-beeping, checking books in and
out. I hear a small child laughing as
he flips through a picture book, but most
of all, I hear the books calling out
to me by name.

Isabel Mello

Mashed potatoes

Today I’m mashed potatoes.
I was just a plain potato.
Until I got my math test.
Then I turned into mashed potatoes.
I laid in bed and said “I’m mashed potatoes!”

Kaeleigh Bremner

Lavaca Middle School
Lavaca, AR
Dates of Visit: November 7-8, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Brooka Meredith
Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7, 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 320
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Claire Pincumbe, Sara Ramey, Emma Van Dyke