Mount St. Mary Academy

Ode to Shamrock

Less than 2,000 people.
The biggest watertower in Texas.
One McDonalds built by my grandad.
My family’s oil business, my papa’s house.
My best friend since I was two.
Everyone knows your name and all the adults
put their hand out to their hip saying
“I remember when you were this tall.”
It’s not much, but the dirt roads bring back
memories…of a place I used to call home.

Audrey Seeds

What Goes in my Skating Bag

Guards to protect my blades from the hard, concrete floor
Soakers to soak up all the cold water
Gloves that no longer fit my long hands
Mittens that I forgot I even owned
CD’s from songs I skated to for years
Last, but not least, my skates
My beaten up skates that I will never
stop loving

Ava Lowery

Somewhere Else

Sorry we’re not at the beach,
toes in the water, hot sun beating down,
sorry we’re not riding our bikes on a warm summer day,
blasting the music, riding through the neighborhood.
Sorry we’re not at a pool somewhere,
watching our tan darken and the sun fade,
sorry it’s dreary January.

Kate Raborn

Ode to The Bachelor

The beautiful red roses all lined up on
the table.
The tension is high as names are called.
There is a repeating soundtrack of
“Will you accept this rose?” and “Of course.”
As the final rose is picked up, and the
few girls stand, a somber tone rings out as the
last name is called.
Flash forward to have a meaningful one-on-one,
typically filled with tears. Oh, how I love
the bachelor.

Maris Richter

Not Really

Are you happy?
Of course!
The grey cloudy day makes me happy.
Eating pounds and pounds of chocolate
makes me happy. Being alone
in my room and no one to
talk to makes me happy.
Staring at my phone (Sandra) makes
me happy. Seeing so many men as leaders
makes me happy.
I’m getting there.

Sanjuana Torres

Love Can Burn

Their love was fiery, fierce, and
passionate much like an open camp
fire with friends dipping strawberries
in sweet bitter chocolate and on
the other side of the fire there they
were roasting marshmellows on the hot
burning fire. And when the fire
ate up the white, pure, marshmellow,
so they tried again. Grasping back,
into the empty bag only to find one puffy
cube left. Their last try. And when
he led her cold hand into the fire,
the fire not only consumed the sweet
sugar but her fingertips too.
Love can burn if not tamed correctly.

Ann Nguyen

Ode to My Wheel by my Hamster George

Its big wide hoop
 like a platter
   curved to have a base
     like a pleased cat’s tail.
       Moving without sound
         silent bird’s flight
           through the darkness, I run
             like a wild wolf’s plight.
               Soft is the inside
                 like feathers on my feet.
                   Smooth is the inside
                     like a horse side
                       for my hamster feet.
                         This thing I call wheel
                           I run and I run
                             at cheetah speed.
                               I will run.

Abbie Garmon

How to Play Like a Girl

A girl who is strong like the force of a ball
like the force of the ball who is strong as a girl
with the passion of winning
the game with her teammates
she tries to strive for
the positive
as they say keep your head up
as you play as a girl.

Ashley Garza

The Woodpecker

What is that noise?
Just the woodpecker bird
chipping at the peeling green paint
next to the windowsill with a pecan pie
and all the other goodies at my aunt’s bakery
where my maybe, someday, boyfriend works
and I can see him coming over with a
cupcake in his hands
but he stops to point at the woodpecker
because it keeps getting louder and louder
and I finally open my eyes
to turn off my beeping alarm clock.

Mia Aquino

How to Run Like a Girl

exactly the same
as everyone else

Adelaide Spradling


everytime I go back and stare at the bright blue ocean
or my room in the house I once loved I see the bed I
layed on while we facetimed. the bathroom I locked myself
in after we fought. the road I ran down with my best friend
searching for a good time. the Beach I slept on, tanned on,
and had gossiped on about meaningless things the middle of
the night. and the police station I was held in for Adventure
on Paradise!

Savannah Sears

Anything At All

I want to fill my shelves
with pictures from my past,
all the memories I built over the years.
I want to fill my shelves
with sappy movies I love,
a thought of romance unattainable.
I want to fill my shelves
with kindergarten drawings,
to remind me of my childhood.
But really, I don’t want to do all that,
I hate the thought of clutter.
I’d rather take my shelves down
than do anything at all.

Abbie Thompson

Mount St. Mary Academy
Little Rock, AR
Dates of Visit: February 4-8, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Monica Madey
Grade Levels: 9
Appx. Number Students Served: 118
Visiting Writers: Joy Clark, Kaitlyn Yates, Andrew Butler, Jacob Yordy