Washington County Juvenile Detention Center


When the thundering
storm hit the city

Black like the color of my
room at nighttime

Black like burnt paper turned into

Black like when your electricity
turns off

Black like the black hole in space

Obten L.


As you open the door you get greeted
with an eerie crack as the sinister looking door
opens a little every time, every shadow goes into hiding
and doesn’t move till you are not looking stairs wanting
to swallow you whole with every step of those wooden
boards it’s ever so tempting to crunch on your bones.
The lights playing peekaboo with one another,
as for the drawers in the dimmed lighted
kitchen they talk, you just don’t understand
a single word they say.

Kevin M.


Almost as precise in its form it finds a way
to be a person, preaching its value to promise a good
persona of someone who isn’t very pleasant and preventing
its praise.



Canada white as a snow and
the wind whistling through the cold
air, but I wonder why nobody’s
outside and then it kicked in
that nobody’s outside because
outside is so cold that once you
step outside you’re going to freeze
ice cold, and outside was sounding
like gun fires were going off
when the storm came in but
today was safe when your orchestra
in your house

Obten L.

Motorcycles at Sunset

I love the sound of motorcycles when they
scream to life. Especially when they
take off into the orange sunset leaving a
trail of gold smoke flowing behind them
as they burn out, and you can see and
touch the smooth, yet rough tire marks
that it left behind.

Ty S.

Canada Red

Canada and red
Buzzer in my room
Why do dead people go under dirt?
I’m tall I can reach the ceiling
Quiet buzzer/better sound
It’s the safest place.
I see a lot of people crowded up like sardines wearing
black and white, making a good sound of orchestra

Taran A.

Washington County Juvenile Detention Center
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: October 2-3, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Joshua Moody
Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 12
Visiting Writers: Elizabeth DeMeo, Peter Mason