Ramay Junior High School

The first ghost I saw

His cries will send chills up your spine
His laughter embedded in your brain
His touch as cold as the
winter frost
He calls for help
You should not answer

Cherish Riklon


Here I sit at my
booth in Wendy’s.
All I’ve ordered is
a small pop. As I sit
in silence I hear the
clanging in the kitchen
and laughter of children.
Though I sit silent
I have no reason
to be there. Though I
sit silently watching
the ice melt in my pop,
with a blank stare while
the pop tickles my tongue
in Wendy’s.


Golden Corral

I walk in and see the endless food
I get a table but don’t sit down
I make for the warm counters
I pile my plate with everything
mac and cheese mixing with spaghetti
I eat until I can’t anymore
But still I go back to the steaming plates
I trudge out of the restaurant
Will I ever be hungry again?

Mary Ellen Brown

Ramay Junior High School
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: November 12, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Taylor Scott
Grade Levels: 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 12
Visiting Writers: David Brunson, Elizabeth DeMeo, Josh Luckenbach, Emma Van Dyke