Norfork High School

Please make me new

Please make me into the change you find in the sofa.
Make me the turning page of a thriller novel,
the outline of a building under construction,
or the amount of dollar signs in a paycheck.
Please make me a model.
Not just the model but the designer clothes
she wears.
Make me something else.
The something else that you had on your mind
but you just can’t remember.
Please make me new.

Chasity Raquel Mashburn

1967 Chevy Impala

One day I’m gonna steal your car.
It’s shiny black exterior, leather interior
calling my name.
Dean Winchester you are a lucky guy.
You can have your weapons and your music collections
but I want the car.
I know it wouldn’t be fair.
Your baby’s your home away from home.
She’s been through everything with you.
But dang Dean let someone else drive it occasionally.

Ashley Baker

My Dream About Pineapple

Sitting there in the back of the hall
waiting for the fun to come up
wondering when this fruit will be here ready for my

as I’m

sitting in the back of

the hall.

Casey Gill

My Dream About Freedom

A bleak, blank wall stands before me,
its emptiness seeping in.
I glance around, hearing orders and
smelling wax and ink.
I wonder of a lifetime without the
trials, where one’s true self could be nurtured
and problems could be tossed aside like
a tree shedding those heavy, dead leaves.
One day, I think, we’ll find it.

Cody Foster

Lovely Little Donkey

it’s hot you’ve not even been in
this world for a day

the fans are loud

children stink

and you’re wore out
but I make you stand again
guiding you up with both

hands on

each                                 side

of you

you’re jumping trying to KICK

and this is it

this is your life

Little Donkey

Tristan Massey

Tanner Reed

As I lie in my bed, open eyes, I think of my best friend
who died, we jumped on the trampoline but then he died in
a car crash; a car crash is pretty major; a lot of people
die, which makes me think of my uncle, August 29th
was the end of his life as his life vanished in a red
Camaro, which me and my friend used to ride in all
the time, we’d speed on the highway, and go get ice cream;
I loved my friend, she moved though, four hours
away so I had to let her go, just like my
best friend on the day before my eighth birthday.

Ashton Beavers

Little Things

A cubs den
The small little shelter which is not so spacious
to the eye.
What a perfect place for one who needs time out
of the crammed space of the lions den.
Sounds of the outside chirping away as the inside
is dark and silent.
The night takes away the space for a bigger light.

Briana Terrill

List of Sleepiness

Listening to the roar of the television.
Hearing the whir of my fan as I fall asleep.
Hearing people chit-chat to each other quietly.
A warm glass of cocoa.
Reading a novel.
Listening to quiet peaceful music.
A long bus ride.
Watching a football game on TV
with my family when the team
we are rooting for is up by a
lot and everyone is happy.

Hannah Bryant

Jimmy Leanne

Jimmy Leanne is not the quiet of
a salty yellow morning.
Jimmy Leanne is not the silence of
a deep blue and moonless night.
Jimmy Leanne might be the loud
thrashes of the sea.
Jimmy Leanne might be the cracks
of thunder on a stormy night,
And he might be the cries of a
large choir.
Jimmy Leanne isn’t quiet or peaceful
but he is the dangerous in all
that is seen as so.

Lacey Clark

Mr. Tom

Mr. Tom is not a vast wind blowing through
a gutter.
Mr. Tom is not a whale swallowing dozens
of krill.
Mr. Tom might be an ecosystem with lots
of rain.
Mr. Tom might be a bird flying
through a rainforest.
All we know is Mr. Tom has
strong high held feelings.

Cole Light

My eyes are going bad

I require glasses that get thicker every year.
Maybe you don’t have glasses or eyes that don’t work.
Think of the old hound you saw on the street one
day after work. Its eyes had spots of white and
opal that could make you believe it is indeed blind.
Or if you’ve never encountered a blind hound, you
could maybe think of your relative who had a
baby that had glossy brown eyes but could see
nothing. You don’t know your relatives.
Think back to the person you sat by in high school
English. They complained because they
couldn’t see the board.
One day, my eyesight will be

Sydnee Holcer

Down by the River

The river’s water rushing down
carrying away rocks, sediment, fish.
Maybe it isn’t the river pulling things away
but a spray bottle full of bleach
leeching away the germs
cleansing the object
Returning it to purity.
Though it could be the fire burning
transforming the wood into ash
wafting it throughout the air
spreading away.
Or maybe it’s death
pulling a soul from a cold body
carrying it in his arms like a newborn child
purifying it
wiping away the memories
good and bad
preparing it for a new life.
Maybe one in the river
as a fish
or the river itself
washing things down
leading them away to something new.

Amber Weber

Norfork High School
Norfork, AR
Dates of Visit: October 2-3, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Stacy Havner
Grade Levels: 9, 10
Appx. Number Students Served: 104
Visiting Writers: Joy Clark, Victoria Hudson, Claire Pincumbe, Kaitlyn Yates