KIPP: Delta Collegiate High School


The secret life of the cat that lives under my house

The old gray naked cat that often barks a lot under my
house every time me or my mom make any sudden move. Loves
his dog food. He often wake up in the middle night leaving
my mom room then give me the look like I’m weird for
staring at him as he walks away on 2 feet smoking a cigarette.
The things the old cat eats often smell like peanut butter
and mustards.

Zion Jackson

Dear Imagination

Dear Imagination,

Make me a little teddy bear that
is soft

Make me a little sound of Rice Krispie

Make me a rainbow after it rains that brighten the day
Make me a pink blanket that is wrapped
around a warm body.

No imagination make me a tall
woman who isn’t scared

Make me a little kitten who purrs when
they’re scared

Make me a moving bike that
explore different encounters

Imagination make me a little
journal that people can vent to

Make me a little baby who can
be held in love.

Kushia Smith

Ghazal: Maybe Life is a Game

Skipped Breakfast. Might skip lunch
Balancing meal like hunger is a game

you stumble in heels on your way to a dance
others betting on how you would fall you are the game

In the last quarter of your precious study time
Because of the test the following day—Oh it’s a game

you wake up every morning turn on your light
and laugh Johnterrique understands his life is a game

Johnterrique Evans

My Pops

My pops is big and chunky with
lots of muscles
Dang he’s Big! “Haha I told you”
“That’s my home town” he always says
haha when he watches football
sitting on a chair talking about
“it don’t take me long to get
calling me catfish
he telling me “Marcus what’s your
He so funny
He is always saying I got a fat
My Pops is just my pops
With his taste buds of eating
Pops is so amazing.

Marcus Hughes Jr.

Letter to smiling

Your lips stretch out as it begins to form
It feels like they might split the bigger it is
Your teeth become visible for all to see
Together after a while your face begins to hurt
You look and feel happy with a grin on your face
The size may vary
The appearance is similar
Muscles begin to hurt

Makiya Thomas

Robo Nicki Minaj

not everyone has to look at you just because
you have a big butt and pretty dimples
you hate people that breathe the same
airs as you don’t look like you, nor have
more money than you
But you’re perfect with your beautiful dimples
and amazing values and wrinkles forming
on top of your forehead like a wrinkled up Dorito
The hate you have for avocado and broke
dudes is the same type of hate you should
have for booty implants and make up period!
not everyone can screw thereselves
to a machine and build the kind of body
they want, IT COST QUEEN! 

Destiny Morant

KIPP: Delta Collegiate High School
Helena, AR
Dates of Visit: November 14-15, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Vivian Sisk
Grade Levels: 9, 11, 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 22
Visiting Writers: Bailey Hutchinson, Rachel Thomas