Frank Mitchell Intermediate School

Cobalt’s Diner

We went to a restaurant.
It was supposedly really good.
Then they made use wait for 2 hours.
But, when we finally went in it was great.
Me who is totally against any kind of salad
got one for side.
Then for meal I got a pasta.
It was chicken with cheese, noddles
and a weird sauce. 
My favorite part was the ham.

Levi Lane

Alfredo Noodles

One night when coming home I
saw a witch!  The witch next door!
She never comes out to look at people.  Then
when I looked more closely she wasn’t
there it was just a bunch of flys! I was
really creeped out.  When I got home I
ran inside.  I smelled my favorite food!
Oh, the pastery whiff and the savory
of alfredo sauce! When I got my bowl
a fly was dead in my bowl! I threw it
in the trash then a fly flew up my nose!
It’s still up there.

Courtney Wright-Pannell


40 gallons of love
20 cups of punishment
100 kilograms of creator
1,000,000 gallons of create-er
1,000,000,000 of sunshine 
bake for 1,000 days at 10,000℉
Sprinkle some love on it because
God is everything.

Zareona Dixson

Trash It

Candy bars are good
I throw away my candy
I like crunchy bars

Emma Price

All That Cash

I knew I was in trouble.
The closet was stuffed with
cash! I knew the police were
onto me big time. I was on the
news!  Well… I wasn’t on the
news. What I did was on the 
news!!  My room was filled coins
and cash.  Maybe I need some
but I’ll give the rest back.

Leila Kim

Blueberry Pancake

A soft blueberry pancake
hits my watering mouth.
I feel the gooey maple
syrup hit my lips
I feel the warm joy
jolt throughout my body.
I feel like I just ate
a blueberry pancake

John Mason Halley

Thanksgiving Food

The best food ever, is on Thanksgiving Day,
when we toss around an egg-shaped cow
The cow has leather on the outside and beef in our mouths
We eat that sweet and juicy steak, as well as other foods
We eat sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, turkey, ham & beans
But at the end of the Thanksgiving Feast,
someone gets the wishbone.
Some people would wish for fortune, or something else,
but if I ever get the wishbone, I just want more food.

Ridge Sanson

Invisible Food

Do you know why my food was weird?
It definitely wasn’t visible.
I got a serving of yellow corn and so I
at it.
When I was done eating 1,000,000 pieces of
corn, I pretended to eat my food for another
minute.  It had to be 10 minutes old.  I walked
into the kitchen and pretended to eat my
food when my sister say, “Presto!”  I tried to
eat again and I swallowed something but
nothing was in my mouth or on my plate.
I just ate something invisible!

Haven Ramos


A chicken taken
with its many chicken friends
to be killed to eat

Caitlin Miller


Chicken comes from a
chicken.  It has so much
good chicken in it. It
taste like everything that
is good in my mouth.  It’s
like Dr. Pepper in my
mouth. Chicken taste.
so good.

Kollin Swaffar


She is as brave as a lion.
As pretty as a flower.
As happy as a lily.
And as funny as a (non)comedian.

Landry Yurchak

The Dream

I had a bad dream. I was high
on a platform and I had a tiny dog.
We jumped off the platform into a car,
we fell.  When we landed, the puppy
turned into a gummy worm and split in half.  I loved
that dog to death.  Next thing I know
I’m at school with Caroline.  Then I saw
a picture of my old dog Sunny.  I started to

Lily Sanders

Frank Mitchell Intermediate School
Branch, AR
Dates of Visit: November 1-2, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Millsap
Grade Levels: 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 63
Visiting Writers: Jacob Yordy, Ben Whisman, Andrew Butler, Steven Rybnicek