Farmington Middle School

The copper clawed bird

coming closer
reaching out
talons sharp
extended out
reach for the prey
grabbing fish
from the water
clench the fish
soar off, into the horizon
drop the fish
in the nest
babies eat
chomp down
down to the bone

Bryce Thompson


A long wiener dog with tiny
legs and a round tail
a normal sized

Katie Gray

Instruction on How to Make a harmonica

The first thing to do is
grab your straw, 2 popsicle sticks,
and your 3 rubber bands
Next cut the straw in half
hoping your mom doesn’t catch
you using her favorite scissors
then put on rubber band on
each side and one straw
piece on each side of the sticks
Last try to play it

Addison Grove


I went outside where it is as cold
as ice. I went out there to
give the dog some water. When
he came up to our house, he was
very hot on this cold day, some
came running up there, drank
some water then went back to
the place where he was. I
decided to follow him. He was
sitting right in a spot that
the sun was shining. It was as
hot as fire right there.
The tall grass was comfy, so
I lay down on it.

Brett Cullers

What I mean when I say river

I smell the sea here
When I go for a drink the water bugs stop me from destroying their home
I’ve caught minnows and crawdads here
They were delicious
I see the glistening snow in winter
I hear the turtles and snakes
I sit in my huge chair rock
I love this place

Sara S. Sisemore

Instructions on how to dab

It’s simple really
get on your hand at a 62 degree angle
and the other at a 76 degree angle
then put your head between your arms at 0-20 degree angle
then put it all together

Russell Flory

What the air told me

How to soar through the sky
and how to whistle. How live
with all the people and go through
the clouds. It told me one last
things for the day, don’t get caught in
the        lungs.

Dawson Keaton

Every Morning

Every morning I wake up and hair is
a mountain, glasses are windows,
nails are slides, shoes are houses,
every morning.

Ean Shadden

The big blue ocean

I hear the
horns of the
crying ships lost
at sea and the sounds of the
waves pounding on
the sea floor
the little sound
of the tiptoeing
crabs on the
sand of the
deep blue

Jonah McConnell

Make me a shark

Make me a shark of blood make me a lamb of
grass make me a dirty T.V.
make me a humpbacked whale in air.

Kendall Boyd

How to fall in love

  1. go buy some chicken


  1. cut off all the meat

you don’t want on the meat


  1. put some seasoning

on it and put on aluminum

or a pan.


  1. cook it in the oven or

in a smoker.


  1. get it out put it on

a plate and eat it with

a fork and in joy.

Madison Cossey

How to fall in Love

  1. Get in pool.
  2. Kick feet fast.
  3. Move arms.
  4. Hold breath
  5. Close eyes
  6. Feel with hands.

Ashlen Cate


The water on plants
slowly dripping on the ground
tears go down a face.

Savannah Henigan

The dewy morning

The grass is wet and covered

in dew. There’s a brook in the

middle cold and fresh where i

sit and watch my breath freeze,

i find an old bridge and

start across. Dogs bark, frogs croak,

cats purr, and it is silent and

no one is there.

Ava Bombagi

The Moon

The moon is a kid who is filled
with anger because of a kid
The moon is a coach saying good
job to the team
The moon is a librarian who stays
up to read Moby Dick
The moon is a ref calling a foul on
number 14
The moon is teacher teaching kids
what 4X5 is
The moon is a basketful of wonders
and surprises

Jackson Weaver

I dreamed

I dreamed of being a doctor
with one mission to save a life.
I dreamed about having an unbreakable
bond with a trout.
I dreamed of being engineer who fixes
a oil derrick.
I dreamed of being a person going
through the great depression.
I dreamed of being a pilot soaring
throughout the skies.
I dreamed of being a person who
had to make a life or death decision.
I dreamed of being a father to 2
wonderful kids.
I dreamed of being a country singer
who was a Navy veteran.
I dreamed of going through hardships
and coming over them.
I dreamed of being an archeologist who
found a full field of dinosaurs.
I dreamed of being a coconut
on a hot summer day.
I dreamed of driving the fastest
car on earth.

Tait Kegans

Glow of the river

Does your river glow?

All types of bird fly around

glowing blue

the river sideway

since 2008

Jamie Burciaga

Silver Fox

What is the first thing you remember in your life
I was chasing the silver fox
He disappeared but I found him behind the tree
It was June 25, 2012
It was so close I could reach out and grab
It had Icy blue eyes and silver matted fur
I remember being with my family and making

Ama Duncan

Do you like touching the brown leathery

ball its color is like an brown bear in the
rocky mountains of Colorado the ball
soaring 19 yards above everyone’s heads like
a bird the ball is like touching a soft
pillow the ball is leathery brown with gold
letters on it most people like footballs

Kyzer Caldwell

Touch the Moon

Have you ever just tried to grab the moon with your hand
If you haven’t tried it it is so magical it feels like soft fur of
a dog
The moon is an amazing place with creatures you can’t Imagine
The time you can touch the moon is 12 o’clock because that’s when it’s
the softest
Sometimes at 2:55 you can see the tiny men dancing around on the
If you get lucky you will have white moon dust
on your hands after you touch the moon
The moon has tiny spots with Ice cream inside the
moon is a magical place

Truman Capshaw

Farmington Middle School
Farmington, AR
Dates of Visit: November 15-16, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Ginny Luther
Grade Levels: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 224
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Samuel Binns, Kate Davis, Karstin Hale, Josh Luckenbach, David Priest, Sara Ramey, Kaitlyn Yates