Buffalo Island Central Elementary School

The Cleaning Machine

I turn on the radio and I clean faster than a
I do the dishes by watching TV.
I vacuum by watching the dog be scared of it.
I do my laundry by watching the cat eat.
I clean my room by having a pillow fight with my mom.
I clean my bathroom by watching my bathtub
shine in the light.
I make my bed by watching the sun dance
in the morning.
I wash the carpet hearing the chickens talk.
I cleaned my house.

Katie Fires

Ode to the Violin

A violin’s strings
are as light as a
feather deep in the
A woman strings her
fingers across the
violin that makes a
beautiful sound as if
it is a harp.
Crimson wood so
beautiful it is bright
and colorful.

Makenzie White

I Look Outside and See a Green Figure

It looks like a bucket but it could
be a gremlin.
It could attack me it could
but by the way it’s a bucket.
It could talk if it wasn’t a bucket.
It could run if it was a gremlin.
It wasn’t a gremlin but it was a

Logan Hancock

When I am 5

I am 5 years old still running
around the house naked. 5 years old spitting
when I talk. 5 years old still peeing in my
pants. 5 years old eating a lot of junk food.
5 years old very outspoken. 5 years old and
think I’m the boss and always will be.
5 years old still sleeping with mom and
dad. 5 years old and I don’t know how to
hold a cat. 5 years old starting school.
5 years old and pulling hair. 5 years old
throwing fits. 5 years old playing with dolls.
5 years old and I think I can wear makeup.
5 years old and very spoiled. 5 years old and mad
at mom for having another baby. 5 years old learning
to read and write. 5 years old can sing my
ABC’s. 5 years old terrified of storms and
always will be.

Caitlynn Beck

The Zebra Inside Me

I am a zebra black and white. I walk
through the pasture eating grass. With a long
tail waving the flies away. Standing with my
group we start to run then we rest by the
watering hole. I take a nap under the sun.
Then we’re off to our homes where we sleep all night
under the moonlight then
there is breakfast with the family.
Another day ahead, someone said.
Off we go.

Emery Green

I Remember The Old Days

I was little.
I was crazy.
I was a pink heart
sitting on a pine tree.
I was holding on
for dear life.

Jaylyn Cagle

I Remember

I remember when I got in
a car crash. It sounded like the fell of
thunder. I felt like an earthquake. It
smelled like a tornado. I saw

Mallory Cazares

My Deer Brother

I have a deer brother. I
have to resist the urge to
kick him out. I have once
before. He also loves
hunting season. He looks
like a very big hedgehog.
He smells like a deep
thicket. I wonder where that
comes from? I have no
idea how this happened.

Cason Kifer

My Pig Brother

My brother is such a pig.
He drags mud in the house.
He eats all kinds of slop. Last night
I heard him sleep talking. He said
I don’t want to go in the oven! But what
gets me the most is when I’m talking
and he says “interrupting pig!”

Ashtin Clark

My Monkey Sister

My sister is a monkey.
She jumps around the house, making a lot
of noise.

She runs across the walls and the

She also eats 50 bananas a day
and eventually falls asleep.

Seth Ibanez

Too Many

Too many poles spoil my dog.
Too many hoes spoil my walk.
Too many tocks spoil my clock.
Too many knots spoil my rope.
Too many messes spoil my room.
Too many toads spoil my pond.
Too many butterflies spoil my butter.
Too many raindrops spoil my fun.

Riley Parker

Buffalo Island Central Elementary School
Leachville, AR
Dates of Visit: November 1-2, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Kima Stewart
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 120
Visiting Writers: Hannah Bradley, Gwendolyn Mauroner, Hiba Tahir, Kaitlyn Yates