Augusta High School

Smart Mountain Lion

Climbing up a steep, steep mountain, all I see is
sharp rocks, steep cliffs, and tiny bugs. My feet hurt like
I’m stepping on nails and hammers. I feel amazed
with my strength. People hate me but I love

Keiley Collins

Time Slowly Moving

I already left three times.
I can’t leave again.
I should’ve stayed out,
But my house is like a magnet,
Drawing me back in.
I can’t help but think,
The government did this to me.
We can’t travel anywhere out of our town,
No matter where you live.
No matter who you are.
Cell phones have been shut down.
If you pass your doorway more than six times,
Alarms that kill my train of thought sound.
I know.
I’ve tried it before.

Jaylin Pabst


Away, Away from the
house we have been
taken away, We
go to a place
full of running
screaming kids
we sit in the
corner quiet
instead we
look at
our paper
of how

Maddie Wood


Some say the world is good and evil,
Black and white like the yin-yang,
But I beg to differ.
In a world more complex than a rubik’s cube with one block missing
Everyone’s brain is different.
There is no certainty in any judgment,
As there is no fairness in any judge.
No one is as good as a hero with a cause,
No one is as evil as a villain with a plan.
Everyone is just real.

Jaylin Pabst


things running down me

on a body

don’t get washed as often

Barely taken off

keep warm in the cold

hide faces as they go

passed on without a care

Shannon Clark`

Augusta High School
Augusta, AR
Dates of Visit: November 12-13, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Anna Clark
Grade Levels: 6-11
Appx. Number Students Served: 29
Visiting Writers: Alys Dutton, Samantha Kirby