Vandergriff Elementary School

What I Mean When I Say Backpack

Cluster-y, heavy, and full, I
walk to school with it on my
back. I hang it up, let it dangle
all day. Once in a while I
will look up and see it
happily staring back at me.
Then at the end of the
day I throw it on my back
and walk away. When I get
home I let go of that heavy
thing, then look back. “On till to-
morrow,” I say.

Olivia Nickell

Theme in Red

 The harvest moon is me.
I am inside you.
I am a color of war.
I am bright.
You may be wearing me.

I am.
I am everywhere.

Ethan Coder


I look in the green fields with
kids laughing and playing. I am a
piece of corn in the corn fields.
I am yellow and I am bumpy and
taste very yummy. Every day they pick
corn to cook and eat. One day
they’ll pick me.

Callen Hale


Silver smells like the sea. Salty
saltwater sea. With a bit of
winter too, like snow on the
ground. Silver might seem like
my #2, but it’s my #1.

Millie Bolding

My Hometown in 2050

My hometown in 2050
will look like cats. Cats every
-where you go. My hometown in
2050 will smell like marshmallows.
Marshmallows from a faraway
planet called Lickyland. My home
town in 2050 will taste like
cloth. Cloth like on your
shirt. My hometown in 2050
will sound like echoes. Echoes
all the way down the hall.
My hometown in 2050 will
feel like slime. Slime from
a store.

Matilda Jensen

The Music of Fayetteville

Softly like blackness leaves rustle in the bushes, the
taste of macaroons smooth with a small crunch, loud crickets
singing like white and wet, the sound of the rivers and the lakes
whipping like cream but sounding dry. The sound like no
other sounding like frogs leaping from lily to lily, like no other.
The smooth tracks of trains going down on Dickson Street, the
sound of the drive-in movie theater, and the drive-in movie, the
taste and smell of barbeque. The bikes sounding like
chalk pacing down the cement road.

Sarah Qureshi

Vandergriff Elementary School
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: February 19-20, 2020
Faculty Sponsor: Marci Tate
Grade Level: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 270
Visiting Writers: Kait Yates, Jackie Chickalese, Hiba Tahir, Kate Davis, Mackenzie McGee, Vasantha Sambamurti