Vandergriff Elementary School


Magnolias smell like apples
Magnolias taste very wet
Magnolias look like a dress
Magnolias feel soft
Magnolias sound calming 

Hazel Evans 

13 Ways of Looking at a Bird

  1. You see the bird flying past
    and wave goodbye. 
  2. You see the bird sitting on a
    branch and wonder if it will fall. 
  3. The bird comes by and sits on your windowsill
    and you wonder if it will put its nest there. 
  4. You see the bird and the bird sees you
    and wonders if you will catch him. 
  5. You see the bird and wonder what it is thinking. 
  6. You take one home and take good care of it. 
  7. Your kids will play with it for hours. 
  8. You will let the bird go and be a
    nice owner.
  9. You will bury the bird in your backyard and
    talk to it every morning. 
  10. You will teach it new words and to fly to your hand. 
  11. You will play with the bird for
    hours until you have to go to sleep. 
  12. You will teach the bird to get you things
    and throw things away. 
  13. You will let the bird sit
    on your shoulder while you are in class
    and you can talk to it and make him tell the teacher your answers.

Lily Abplanalp

Words Are Sharks 

Words are sharks that eat at your mind.
Some words are tiger sharks that ambush your body.
Others are hammerheads that want you to party.
Words like to party and do not like to be scary. 

Ryan Fan


Nobody except for me
knows about these creatures.
I know they lived 10 million years
ago, and ate their tusks, and
cleaned their teeth with fish. 

I know they took baths
in lava pools. They also had
contests to see who could stay
in ice water the longest. 

This is what I know about
mammoths. Oh yeah, they are
also smaller than salamanders. 

Cruz Sanchez

Story of a Rose

Blowing in the wind, I was a
rose seed, and finally fell in a park.
So many kids, cute but loud. I
could feel the soft dirt around
It was the perfect spot. A few
months later I was a full-grown
flower. Beautiful but not perfect. I could
smell the other flowers around me. A little
girl picked me up. Her hands
were so warm. She put me in
her hair and took me home. 

Hollin Bell

Theme in Yellow

i spot a fireman at work
saving the lives of ones
who are cared for 

i smell the rigid and sour
scent of mustard
at the game;
there was excitement for

the sun on a cloudless
was the prime of my

Ben Rogers

Theme in Green

I cover the dirt up for you
I bring so much good luck 

I am gone in the winter. I care about you
But do you care about me? No. 

All I bring is luck and luck is all you want.
Do you wonder what a world without me is?

It is horrible. I may be called a weed but the world needs me.
I am not a weed. I am a four-leaf clover. 

Lonely. Humble. Caring and kind. I have my own mind… 

Tanvi Kartik

Theme in Green

The grass is flowing in the boiling summer day
and the leaves are swaying in the light, cold breeze.
You can smell the apples from the apple orchard.
Then fall comes and the
apples start falling along with
leaves and there is one spot with
grass you can see, and you feel it
and say, “goodbye, summer, see you
next year!” 

Grace Taylor


I am from a place where honeysuckles
smell great. I am from a place
where you can see the sunset. I am from a
place where you can hear the birds
singing. I am from a place where the grass
feels soft. I am from a place where
you can taste the rain. 

Laura Steinert

I Am from

I am from the ocean breeze
I am from sand
I am from crabs and sharks
I am from hot weather
I am from pretty pine trees
swaying with the waves
I am from a sandy beach
I am from the blue

Anna Grace Crawford

Vandergriff Elementary School
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: March 3-4
Faculty Sponsor: Marci Tate
Grade Level: 3-4
Appx. Number Students Served: 200
Visiting Writers: Kait Yates, Sam Campbell, Mar Stratford, Kate Davis