Springhill Elementary

Weird Cat

Two story building
A cat on top
A cat on the bottom
Cat protecting its territory
Getting ready to pounce
It leaps
The cat lands
Trying to attack
The cat
Luckily they have nine lives
Weird Cat!

Griffin Lloyd

I remember when I say bees

The bee hive buzzed with excitement.
They swarmed the wasp.
I felt a rush of courage as I did the same
in the matter of seconds I felt pain shoot through me.

I heard the hospital calls.
My face was puffy and red.
My tongue felt numb.
I call this story the bee hive attack.

I see the white of the light and walls,
almost a blinding sight.
The pain was still more than ever.
I wonder what I looked all bandaged and red.

Isabella Schleuse


Dark, black, starry
night, going for food,
going for a fly, going
for a drink. Bats, Bats,
Owls, Owls, eat away.

Brayden Wells

Looking Down

I look down to see a green planet.
A green planet with plenty of water
with ice caps melting,
species dying out,
green gas being put in the air,
I look down to see a green planet.

Aiden Roberts


Carlie getting kidnapped during a
soccer game. Oh how I frantically ran
to her, faster than a cheetah. But it was
like I was on a treadmill. Never being able
to reach her.

Brody Catlett


I see trees,
violets, but it doesn’t make
sense because it’s blue.
I see things to things who need
to be seen, but wish to be heard.
A fox I once knew but never heard.
It doesn’t make sense to a place
like this, a fox so sly it has to
be heard. Something we once knew
but never heard.

Linkin Adcox

that dream

pink puppy oh pink puppy barking at me
jumping around eating cotton candy.
The cotton candy oh so gross you spit it out.
You spit it out oh you spit it out. How I wish
that it lasted longer so I could eat with you
yet it will soon all end bye puppy bye. Have
fun in your pink, fun, sweet life.

Alayna Davenport


pink and black,
green and red,
painting mushrooms
and butterflies,

painting dogs and cats,
smiles to rain. Painting
is my thing.

Eden Sowell

Exciting Moment

I grab the ball and
run down the court,
the powerful sound of my teammate
catching the ball made me excited.
Swish! the ball rolls to the floor,
driving up the court the opponent passes.
I catch it and I drift down the court,
passing the ball I hear a clang!
I grab the rebound and put it
back up. Swish! All of the parents
roar like a crowd of lions, as the
shot clock runs out. I look at the
score. We had won!

Christian Smith

Ode to the anchor

Oh, anchor,
what you’ve seen,
what you’ve done,
never enough thanks.
Oh, anchor,
you kept the ship steady.
You grew different things,
but you’ve always kept
us down.
Oh, ye old anchor,
what would we do
without the weight
of you holding us down?
Oh, anchor, we thank you.

Ean McMinn


White flakes come
from all around.
Some don’t, some do.
The season of happy
and joy.
The season of most
hunger and no warmth.
Some stroll around while
others tuck quietly into
the dark.
This is only the
beginning of a time
called December.
The time when
everyone is told
to be full with glee
and heart.

Molly Bittle


I have a voice.
Sometimes I sing yellow.
Sometimes I sing purple.

I have a voice,
a terrific voice.
Although it might not be a
very good voice,
I have a voice.

When I’m mad, I sing
When I’m sad, I sing

I have a voice,
a good voice.

Kayla Sanders

Springhill Elementary
Alexander, AR
Dates of Visit: Nov 17-18
Faculty Sponser: Leslie Smith
Grade Level: 5th
Appx. Number Students Served: 84
Visiting Writers: Kate Davis, David Cole Eichelberger, Ali Hintz, Hiba Tahir