Springhill Elementary

Elizabeth Talks to Trees

Make me see the world
so I can enjoy the life I have.
Let me smell the flower petals
laying on the bright green grass.
I want to hear the birds chirping
on a tree branch high in the sky.
Make me feel the warm air that
is flowing through my body.
“I can do that,” the trees say, “As
long as it makes you proud to be you.”

Elizabeth Watkins

The Tides 

The water is like
how a human loves. It sways with an unimaginable
performance at first, each step being calculated and
precise with every move it makes. Though
it is tired of the same old pattern, it
keeps going, not knowing when to let go
of the same routine it’s been
practicing for years. Finally, it releases, throwing
it on the shore as it slowly perishes into
its eternal rest, the thoughts still whirling
in its mind.

Sarah Sue Kelly

I Thought of All I Did This Year

I never thought of it before.
I flew across the sky, the wind so cold.
I went to a circus. I heard a honk.
I dyed my hair the color of the rain.
I climbed a building. I saw a hawk.
I saw a park and picked some plums.
So sweet! I love
my friends, so loving. I hear them
all laughing.

Ashtyn Stanley

Haddie Husman Talks To The Tree 

Oh dear tree, I hope I live as
long as you do so I can
see my little sister grow
even if she is weird. Oh, I hope
I can change my hair color
like you change leaves.
I hope someday I can
breathe freely like you and
don’t have a clogged nose. It really
sucks. I hope I can dance
like you, when your branches
sway. I hope animals would live with
me if I was a tree.

Haddie Husman


This week made me so tired. I ate five thousand
pounds of fish, went to the zoo and got eaten
by a tiger and spat back out. On Sunday, I ran
to Asia and back on monday, transformed into
a crocodile and dyed my skin red on Tuesday.
I made two-hundred ropes out of my own
hair on Wednesday. I bought ten talking
dolls on Thursday. My sister and I made
forty sweaters on Friday. And on Saturday
I won an olympic medal for gymnastics. This week
was the craziest week of my life. 

Lauryn Fells

In My Room

               with the blue.

Luci Baugh

Springhill Elementary
Alexander, Arkansas
Dates of Visit: November 30-December 1
Faculty Sponsor: Courtney Worthen
Grade Level: 5th
Appx. Number Students Served: 87
Visiting Writers: Erin Pinkham, Claire Scott