Richland Elementary School

The relaxing duck hunt

I was going duck hunting getting everything
set up as I heard a pack of coyotes as if
sounded like a dog listening to a dog whistle.
I sit down holding my shotgun as I start
to reload I open the chamber and it sounded
like a balloon popping. I look at the time seeing
it is almost shooting time I look at the
sunset so pretty it feels like I’m in heaven
I listen to the rushing water almost
frozen as I almost fall asleep. I can
hear the ducks down in the trees splash
as if it sounded like a fish plop in the
water shooting time my dad whispers to
me as if he were jesus. I see a duck
and shoot but I miss I can hear my
ears as if it sounded like water
rushing but it was a whistle as I go
home with no ducks and a swollen arm.

Peyton McCain


My mom is on the couch with my step dad
they took me for granted
we don’t love each other any more
I’m sitting at the gate.

Destiny Lawson

Just a Dream

I was the queen
Ya’ll were the peasants
Everything was awful!!

Lilly Morris

Red dog

What is love?
A red dog once told me
it is something that
happens once in your life.
Then why have I fell in
love 45 times. My heart
is always so blue because of love.
If you never fall in love you will
get freckles. The freckles will
be hearts because of your
blue heart. The red dog’s
friend told me the real
answer. Love is just a
chemical reaction that happens
in the brain.

Brooklyn Burns

SO much depends

cell phones
cell phones
are  everything
They are
Just like
God and Jesus
Cell Phones
are like Jesus
They are like saviors

Tyu Aller

Indian Necklace

So old fashioned
Indian Necklace
Old land we used
to own now
some people call
it home. A
nation divided
sometimes always
comes together
at the end.  

Taeveon Dancy

Richland Elementary School
West Memphis, AR
Dates of Visit: April 3-4, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Jess Dickson
Grade Levels: 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 84
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Jacob Yordy