eStem Public Charter School


I am not going home today
I’m shooting an arrow straight to
the heart of my unfortunate prey
I’m winning billions of dollars from
blackjack tables
I’m eating the soul of all
who do not obey me
I’m a normal person

Jarrett Weatherly


Drip, drop goes the rain
Moisturizing my black curls
Landing on my tongue.

Addison Hunte

Self Portrait as a Blade of Grass

Swaying in the world I am
As a blade of grass to the wind
Wanted to be rooted not to be disturbed
Like a blade of grass rooted in the ground.
Turning old, like everyone.
Almost like a yellowing blade in the fall.
Wanting to be left alone,
Kinda like wild grass in the snow.

Karrsyn Vaughan


Sunflowers swaying with the wind,
In a meadow
Like none other.
The sun shines through the plain trees,
A breeze flows through your hair.
In the mess of flowers there is a bench.
A spectacular Bench.
Rusty, and plain
But yet so inviting.

Kiley Reyes


I was running and I saw
a pink puddle splashing in
a purple puddle on a hot
summer day to cool off
her pink fur and it wasn’t
a purple puddle it was paint
that a paint man spilled on
this hot day and she was
purple forever.

Danielle Walker

An ode to leftovers:

Leftovers, you meld flavors
together making them sometimes better
than before.
They take you back to that place
where you bought this in the comforts of
your home.
Sometimes eaten for all meals or just
snacks. Or sometimes taken by someone
who has no boundaries.
You make the money you spent worth it.
You put the “ooh” back in food.
With your smell and taste bringing
us back to you.
Sometimes so good we are driven
to eat you cold.
A true gift from the gods.

Corey Hignite

A Pangolin

I wake up and look out of the hole
and see the sun. I listen to the sound of the stampedes
of antelope. I crawl out of the hole and eat bugs.

Holland Fout

The Drought

I live in the cold rainforest,
I’m playin’ with my friend the huia.
The rustling in the trees,
Made me frightened like the few of ya.
Could it be a human?
Or was it just a friend.
Or maybe the end?
Only just a few days later,
there was a drought.
Everyone evacuated plain out.
Nobody ever found a new home.
They blamed me of course.

Keyon Haynes

Ode to a moon

A winter’s night
could and bitter
covered in a blanket of white
Ode to a moon.
A spring night
warm and dark green.
More a rainbow than a sunrise
Ode to a moon.
A summer’s night
Humid then cool
crickets then butterfly
Ode to a moon.
A autumn night
the dark ground is colorful.
The moon is a reflection of the might
Ode to a moon.

Olivia Alford

My pants

Do you have magical
I don’t like my pants
My pants are yellow.
I have to zip up
my pants. For them to
have magic. When I
do they run wild.

Alec Wyles

Star Fish

I’m a star fish. I Eat

Adair Trujillo

A life of a cheetah

Do you wish you was a cheetah?
I am a cheetah that talk loud.
I am a green big scary cheetah.
I live in clown town I eat beans
and meat that is raw because
I am a wild cheetah. I wish
I was a cheetah.

Khelin Smith

eStem Public Charter School
Little Rock, AR
Dates of Visit: March 14-15, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Jess Dickson
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 600
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Alys Dutton, Kaitlyn Yates, Sara Ramey