Root Elementary


Sweet little puppy in bed
curling into a ball soft, smooth
fur will awake in morning
pup is asleep in bed so cute
so beautiful floppy ears, still
tail nice little puppy I love
it amazing little puppy.

Charlotte Plassmeyer

I Swallowed Our Playground

I swallowed our playground.
It tasted like plastic.
It was sooooooooo
heavy. It smelled
like sweat. It sounded
like rusty metal.
It looked like dirt.

Fitz Kirkconnell


I will not eat a
The glass is sharp
like a knife.
I can’t call my mom
because my phone
is in my belly.

Kurt Shoniber


I wake up from the
sound of screaming I
run to a tree nearby.
A dragon above the
clouds. I see the wing
in the sky fire is coming
down like rain drops.

Knox Coger


red is the falling of anger.
red is the taste of sweet watermelon.
red sounds like a cardinal.
red smells like cinnamon.
red feels like the hot sun.

Noel Corbels

Green Snake

A green snake in the green grass next
to the red snake in the rain.

Celena Beck


If I ate the moon I would
feel in my mouth rocky
hills rolling around and

Andie Broglen


blue is light. black is dark.
like the day. like the night.
blue tastes like cotton candy.
black tastes like licorice.
blue sounds like the wind.
black sounds like silence.
blue smells like the wind.

Beckett Ericksen


Cow in the field was laying
under an apple tree and had black
and white fur, and the cow
was very stinky and his name
was Cowy.

Greyson Breshears

Eat Bikes

Bikes taste weird bikes are
fast going down hills. They’re
nice and fun to eat.
Eat them downhill eat them
uphill. Eat them every-

Porter Strope


Snow comes from the sky so
bright and white. As shivers go down
my spine brrrrr. Snowballs going
around and around the sky. Hot cocoa
goes down my throat.

West Cole

Ode to Starfish

you for making scientists

Calvin Kvamme

Root Elementary
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dates of Visit: November 11-12
Faculty Sponser: Alissa Bradley
Grade Level: 2nd
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Sarah Barch, Ali Hintz, Dylan Hopper, Sophie Trist