News from WITS regarding Covid-19

As you can imagine, it’s been a strange time for our organization.

This week, the University asked the English department, including WITS, to cease all travel. We are all so heartbroken for the trips we will no longer be able to attend; teaching your students and reading the wild, wonderful poetry they create is a highlight of our semesters, and it’s hard to imagine the Arkansas MFA without WITS.

Though we will still be going ahead with making a special edition anthology for the schools we had a chance to visit, there’s no telling how Covid-19 may delay production. There is every possibility that students selected won’t get their anthology until the crisis passes, hopefully next school year. If that happens, we will make a pdf version of the anthology available to tide you over.

Rest assured that when the anthology does go out, those tasked with preparing shipments will use meticulous care in disinfecting packages before they get to you.

Please keep your eye on this website for the weeks to come–we have some excellent student poems on the way to spark joy in self-isolating times.

All best,

Alysandra Dutton, WITS Director