Josh Idaszak

Josh Idaszak is originally from Potomac, Maryland and a fourth year graduate student in the University of Arkansas MFA program. Before coming to Fayetteville, he taught creative writing in western Massachusetts, as well as English as a Second Language in eastern Turkey and Madrid, Spain. He now teaches composition and creative writing. Josh is always excited to travel across the state for WITS to meet young Arkansans and listen to their wonderful and surprising poetry. He is particularly exited whenever good Arkansan BBQ is nearby.

Josh says, “Access to the arts is vital to an engaged, articulate, discerning citizenry, and the WITS program is created, run, and led by Arkansas students for Arkansas students. As a former Fulbright Scholar and White House Staffer, WITS is without a doubt one of the most important acts of public service I have ever been a part of. In the tradition of Senator Fulbright, WITS directly combats unfortunate cuts to arts and education funding by injecting the arts and creative writing into school districts across the state, at a time when teachers and administrators are struggling to continue doing so.”