Frank Mitchell Intermediate School


who made the world?
who made the trees?
who told the trees to grow?
who told the fruit trees to blossom?
who told the fruit trees to bear fruit?
where can I escape the machines?
when the fruit comes the petals fall,
like a snowstorm of white.
when the fruit is ripe it gets picked,
usually summer, fall, and sometimes winter,
when the fruit gets picked.
Cherries, apples, peaches, oranges,
Pears, bananas, coconuts,
and many more
as well.
Delicious fruit, amazing smells,
different feels, rustling leaves,
All a part of nature.

Annabel Hernke

Theme in blue

The oceans water forming
Waves on a beautiful day. All
The children looking up so high to
Find all the shapes in the clouds
Above. The river flowing smoothly.
The smell of blueberries on a hot
Summer day. The snow cone I tend
To get at the ice truck. Cold ice in your water, keeping it fresh.
Everyone seeks for the last blue
Jolly Rancher! I am the blue
Sky that comes out most
Days, until it rains. Most think of
Blue as a boy’s color, but it’s for

Kinley Brock

Ode to the Potato Gods

While I’m walking through
the Grocery store, something catches
my eye. Not the smells of the
fresh bread coming out of a oven,
not a random 50% deal, not those
cookies that are just on display
right next to the entrance. No,
what caught my eye was a
gorgeous, brown, lump of potatoes.
Finally, I found the potatoes
I was looking for, I looked
at it to see if it was a
potato. I noticed it smelt like a
potato, looked like a potato,
and even sounded like a
potato. So I put 15 potatoes
in my cart and walked

Eli Inebnit

Ode to A Starfish Pink

Five armed, legged, whatever creature that is one of the
funniest in a show. You are
really not a fish even though
you live in the ocean. You
are a big open out target
to any fish, but sometimes,
you don’t get caught. You
should be a clock on the ocean
because of all the hands/legs you
have. You should be a sign
to tell fish where to go.

Ty Heston

Ode to lightbulb flickering fast

The lightbulb flickering very fast
it is still warm when
you grab it, it’s about
to go out but it’s hanging
in, let’s hope it does not
fall to the ground and
shatter, grab it and replace
it before it’s too late, so the
lightbulb flickering will be gone.

Sawyer Anderson

Theme in green

I see the spring grass
sway in the wind, as well as the
mucky pond water, with lily pads perched
up to the surface. from the vines,
the grass, and bushes I see you

Anabelle Healy

Frank Mitchell Intermediate School
Vilonia, AR
Dates of Visit: March 16-17
Faculty Sponser: Karen Millsap
Grade Level: 5th, 6th
Appx. Number Students Served: 57
Visiting Writers: Sidney Thomas, Audrey Scrafford