Happy Hollow Elementary School

What Flutters

Behind the trees
Up in the sky
Taps silently on flowers
Endlessly beautiful
Right and left
Flutters and flutters
Like a picture
In the sky
Endless species
So very lovely

Alec Grabill

North Pole

snowy     i need a jacket
cold         need a sled
icy           see Santa


Where I’m From

I’m from many roads and crosswalks
I’m from one of many books
I’m from strings of yarn that are woven
I’m from many bags of flour, I’m from
locks of chestnut hair. I’m from
the corner by the bookshelf where soft
pillows lay. I’m from a lime green
playground where I used to frolic. I’m from
the pool outside that’s aqua blue.

Lucy-Claire Song


my grandma’s meatloaf
the sunny beaches
the crisp ghosty breathtaking air in the morning
my gaming controller
my preschool horror movies
many mangoes

Henriquez King

If I Were A Cat!!!

If I were a cat
I would be white
like the early morning
snow I would be called
kitty purry because I
love her tone I would
yodel at three a.m.
and squeak my squeaker
as loud as I can
to annoy my owner
I’d jump on their
face at 2 p.m.

Elle High

The Real Deal

You may say that stealing is
Relaxing—that is not the Real Deal.
Do not steal. Go ahead, Drink Coca-Cola
and Drive to work. this is the
real deal. mmm…Coke. you get to
Work and decide to take the day
off without permission—that’s not the
real deal. You ask your boss to take
the day off –he says yes. that’s the
Real deal. You feel the excitement as
You go to lokomation. You also decide
to do gocarts. You walk up to the
gocarts and feel the steering
wheel in your hands. click!—now that’s
the real deal. You went Home, and fell
asleep early. Now that’s the real deal. 



If you buy anything you
have to marry a lion or else
you’ll have to marry a blob
fish. “NOOOOO!!” said the woman.

Isaac Wormington

It’s Alive!

In 2099 there was
A scientist, named
Patrick. There was an
Old writing technique that
Patrick, still used in 2099…
Poetry Patrick figured out how
to make the words come alive.
With the touch of his
finger tips. But it got
out of hand and destroyed
the galaxy. And maybe
the universe.

Townes Bizzell

I Am The Artist

I am an artist! The only
artist! I paint masterpieces!
I might be small, Dusty a bit,
but I am an artist! Slick wood
and dirty bristles for my
hard work! I feel lonely and
sad at times too…

Eliza DePriest


when you come home from work you are
worn out. then you have to play with your
baby while screaming. and you can’t get a wink
of sleep. and your teacher when he comes home
I bet you his wife would see him sleeping
on the ground. because after
that she has to go through the same thing
The next morning stress is very common but
you get some personal days a lot. And
that’s a good thing.

Kaineh Nichols


the bobcat man walks through the
mountains through the fluffy snow see a
deer atttttack and gobble
it up and eat see
a wolf ready to fight, fight ding
ding they start eh bobcat
bites the wolf dies r.i.p.

Ulysses Figueroa


Red roses in the spring
Why? Why red roses in spring?
Just why?

Sylvia Gray

The Cat

When I went trick or treating
I went to every house but one we
saved it for last. We went inside I
felt something slimy I heard something
spooky I saw darkness I tasted air,
all that was just a long skinny black
cat with green eyes scary but true
we played and ate candy with the cat.

Donnell Brooks

Ode to the Military

because if it wasn’t for them we
wouldn’t be free probably under control
by the king of England.

Aidan Cash, Ross Richards

Ode to Bronze Basket

Oh how wonderful my beautiful bronze
basket is. I love the color my papers say
each and every time I put a paper in. What
I do without the perfectly smooth surface,
or the smell that takes your breath away,
the clicking sound it makes when I
hit a paper clip on  my beautiful
wonderful bronze basket. How and why did
this wonderful…there are not even
enough words to describe the amazingly
wonderful bronze basket.

Molly Miller

Theme in Blue

Blue the sky is blue.
It reminds me of
January. Because winter is
the cold so blue.
blue is a royal
color. Blue diamonds
so pretty blue dress.
the water is blue.
The rainbow is a
little blue. The lines
on the paper. A
smurf’s body is
blue. A blue pencil
sad is blue.

Autumn Medina Barnes

Sad is a Door

Behind this Door is a
huge tear Drop a sad movie
with a sad rainy cemetery a
sad wedding but a Broken part of
Love can you guess what it is?

Figure it out

Hannah Pianalto

How to Know for Sure It’s My Dog

He’s staring at me cutely. “Is it mine?”
I say in my mind. “You’re still coming with me?”
I say.

Emily Urias

Hilarious Giraffe

I have a friend! He is a hilarious
giraffe! He has big glasses, an orange
afro, and a clown hat. He smells like
a brand new sharpie. He tastes like
a piece of garbage. Yes, I licked him.
He dared me. He feels like a smooth cold
rock. He sounds like a car honking and
someone laughing. He’s my friend and
I’m his friend.

Madison Madrid


When I think black I see a 
dark night with danger all around in
a horror movie. I see a black hole that 
eats anything from light to a building,
with no way to escape. I see the 
cold great white shark eyes of a tiny
porcelain doll. I see a camera watching
every move you make. Every. Single. One.
I see a dark room, where anyone, ANYONE,
can enter. When I think black I see
a dangerous color.

Madison Madrid


When I think Red, I see blushes on a beautiful
face, and a rusty old car with dents all around,
nice shiny cups all in the cabinets, Old Shoes
from 2010, Also blood going through my veins,
And another nice fall soft jacket.

When I think of Red.

Kaycee Price

How to Know for Sure It’s Your Birthday

You know for sure it’s you
birthday because the table
is full of presents. It’s also
filled with candy and cards.
It’s also decorated with everything
you wanted. You also open presents
and you get what you wanted.

Emalia Michna

How to Know for Sure My Sister is Lying

Because she hides it from me and
i ask her where did you put it.
She kind of looks away.
She laughs. She looks down and puts
her hands in her pocket.

Her voice sounds low.

Reese Williams

Meh is a Door

On one side of the door
is a little boy who is tired
and a little grumpy and bored.
And on the other side of
the door is a gray world
with tired and boring people.
and all they did was walk
around and be doomed.

Tate McDonald

Happiness is a Door

Behind this happiness door is Birds
doing the chicken dance. Friends
jumping up and down and squealing.
The grass is twirling with the
wind. There’s a campfire with
people roasting marshmallows.
There are people having picnics,
counting stars. People are camping
out. And last but certainly not
least there is togetherness.

Olivia Keck

Happy Hollow Elementary School
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: October 23-24, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Dondi Frisinger
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 160
Visiting Writers: Samantha Kirby, Visantha Sambamurti, Patrick Font, Scot Langland, Mackenzie McGee, Sidney Thomas, Kaitlyn Yates, Steven Rybnicek