Vandergriff Elementary School

G it’s you

Dear letter G, I really like your
sound you make things sound Gorgeous.
You make horses Gallop, and me Gulp.
When I’m nervous I think about your
smell. You smell like ten pink roses in
the shower. G, you make a big difference.
You make me be Great. I hear your
sound everywhere. You make people’s name.
I smell your favorite food from here.
Hot Cheetos. The way you don’t have a
nose. In the future, you’re a model.

Genesis Alba

An Uncommon Day

There is a purple sunshine in South America
I hear the soft tweeting of the uncommon sparrow
Do you like a tiny bowl of Froot Loops on a sunny morning?
Every human is actually a stuffed animal
I love the creamy taste of Froot Loops on a sunny morning
Every dull morning my sister sounds like an orchestra

Lydia Hornberger

The Contest

The first contestant steps
up and starts to play
a guitar.

Next up is a bagpipe
playing snake,

Then comes a cow
to sing a lullaby.

Did you know there was
a whole orchestra

Now there is a hippo
trying to pick up a trumpet
and play it.

It goes on and on
for another hour
until we take a break.

I can’t wait for
this judging to be over.

Sophia Nickell


The rose gold tree
Had blush pink birds tweeting
on the smooth tree trunk
The bronze soft grass
The bumpy rock laid on the foot of the hill
The silver barking dog had a rough surface

Angus Ramsey

Lost Dog

Walk on roads with bumpy rocks you will find things
you’ve never seen before, like a gold cup or a silver
watch the thing I found on a rocky sidewalk was I
heard a rumbling noise from the opening it was a
barking noise then I saw a dog with a turquoise
collar. You should always walk on roads with
bumpy rocks.

Caroline Foster

The Portal

One day, I saw something glowing
gold. I touched it and it revealed a bumpy
but soft bronze portal. I heard a squeak
and a tweet, it sounded like a garden.
I went into the portal and then I
was in a tree.

Dyer Bailey

My Country

There is a church in Italy yellow. I hear
people singing. What does your country
look like? My church is a square. My country
has lots of colors. I hear the wind coming
through the window.

Madeline Wesson

Hamster attack

There are gold hamsters falling in Italy
and I heard lots of screaming
I have no idea where they came from
And they fell in a square in the middle of town.
There is a plane dropping hamsters
And the wind is blowing them everywhere
in town. And now people are keeping them
as pets.

Harper Wagstaff

2048 best story ever

I was so hot it was 102.4°
the food we have tastes like fried
fish everything does it smells
like flowers it looks like
a big farmland and all
you could hear was wolves
howling at the moon. That
is what it







Lawson McClure


The nervous feeling right before you swim an event
The nervousness takes over your body
It makes you need to use the restroom
You start to sweat
You feel like vomiting
You get up on the block
Dive into the water
You feel so relaxed

Elaina Wright

November’s leaf storm

November is as crisp as an
apple, leaves parachuting
down to the floor, I build
tall piles of leaves and jump
into them, it feels like
a dream, it is cold in November;
it feels like you are skydiving
the wind is cold and ruthless as it
pounds your skin, you freeze like
a deer with headlights.

Grant Thalking

the soul of Bravery

Bravery is a big, blue kite waiting to be used.

Bravery smells like hot cocoa, waiting to be drunk.

Bravery sounds like the crackling of fire.

Bravery tastes like burnt meat.

Bravery feels like the heat of fire.

Brayson Mcnair

I Remember

I remember jumping to the ceiling at
dance. I remember hearing the loud
screams at the football game. I remember
the lunchboxes falling out of the cooler.
I remember brushing my dogs shedding fur
off in one stroke. I remember smelling
my mom’s delicious tacos cooking every
other Tuesday. I remember feeling my
puppy nuzzling my arm. I remember
tasting the saltiness of the goldfish I
had every day after school. I remember the
heaviness of the chair I picked every day
at school.

Josie Johnson


Humiliation is a time bomb that is

about to go off.

Looks like a blurry picture

that you can’t find out what it is.

Sounds like a smoke alarm

going off.

Tastes like a really sour


Smells like vinegar.

Feels like people are looking

at you.

Henry Maner

What the flower told me

It is okay to grow in the wild. Try not to
let people pick up your stem and leave a hole in
the ground. Try to enjoy nature as much as
you can. Be as strong as you can and
try to stay with your friends or your class.
Drink lots of water it will help you get stronger.
Have the wind and people drop you in the
right places. Smell good things and don’t
smell pollution. See well and watch out for
roots in the ground. Don’t pick berries that
will poison you.

Hannah Flammer


a grape getting squashed as flat as a fresh paper
crying out wine

Will Schaefer


ScareD smells like hot salsa.
Old bricks that are about to
fall! Fingernails on a chalkboard
bumping to place to place
about 5 meteors away! Bad
migraines. Like a volcano
about to erupt. Shaking like
a wet dog. Tears running down
your chin. Screaming as loud as
a wooden roller coaster.

Lily Goodwin


Fear tastes like a drop of water
with a big seal floating on that tiny
drop of water. It is not good. It smells
so bad you will faint in the second
you smell it, it smells like rotten
peaches with a lion’s breath. You hear the
sound you’ll plug your ears it’s so loud.
It sounds like a mouse squeaking with
a lion roaring. It feels rocky and scaly
and soft underneath you can’t feel it, you
see it like a dino wrestling a
venomous snake and a savage tiger and a
savage lion.

Josie Thornton


Stomp. It won’t make
a loud sound, it is as
quiet as a mouse,
don’t tiptoe, that is as
loud as a mad lion,
when you stomp it is
goodness in the air, and
smells like kool-aid when
you stomp it smells like
stinky feet. When you stomp,
it is normal, when you
stomp it is unusual. When
you tiptoe it is like a
massage, and when you tiptoe
it is like a serious workout,

Kaylee Passmore

Vandergriff Elementary School
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: November 13-14, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Marci Tate
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 243
Visiting Writers: Samuel Binns, Kate Davis, Elizabeth DeMeo, Patrick Font, David Priest, Hiba Tahir