Carl Stuart Middle School

The Shoe Hour

There are 5 contestants and 1 host.
There are many obstacles you have to go through
Whichever contestant completes it first
gets any shoe in the world.

Landon Dew

Am I a Seal?

Now I am a grasshopper that can’t
hop, but 20 years ago, I was sitting
on a rock in the middle of an ocean
talking to a mermaid. I was a
seal back then enjoying my life.

Ava Schindler

The Backyard Castle

When you get home you throw
your bags on the stairs and race
to your backyard. What you don’t
know is that there is a castle.
You run inside and see a princess
and a prince welcoming you into
a night stay.
You see your bedroom with a pool
in it.
You smell the feast going on inside
You hear the birds calling your name.
You feel the air conditioned mattress.
You realize you’re never going back inside into your house again.

Tate Jones

Random Things

I was looking outside my hotel room I rented
in Texas, and a swarm of flying pigs went zooming
by my window.
I was dancing in hot pink tie-dye pointe shoes
as bright as the sun.
“Why is my hair blonde?” I asked myself.
The sun is just a yellow skittle, but since it’s so
hot, the “s” fell of off it.
My hair is blonde because I cried so much my
hair turned lighter.
I don’t like my alarm, so I turned off
my clock.

Anneliese Cormier

The Pink-a-lish Baby Narwhal

I was gliding on a Razorback as I
passed my old house in Oklahoma. I
was kicking the soccer ball that was
as square and orange as my house. Why
do I have toes? I ate four too many
hot dogs this morning. My toes are here
because I ate 10 tan crayons. My sister’s
stomach sounds like a ticking clock.

Addie Bartholomew

My Art

When I lost my neighbor’s couches’ urn
I ran down the street then I lost the alligator in the sewer
I slammed the door and cried down the hall
somehow I lost my limited edition chocolate cookie
I cried and cried and threw my skull in the mirror
somehow I lost my dog’s toupee, then I
screamed outside and then the grass disappeared
I kicked the sod and then lost my purple
leafed tree then I climbed on the table and
lost my green house.

Conner Scobey


I remember being on
the way to the hospital
when my sister was born.
I remember changing
diapers (pee-you). I loved
her to the moon and back.
I traveled to the moon
and placed a picture of
her on the moon. I never
came back until the sun
was as golden as my pencil
on my way back I saw
Charlie and he bit my
finger, it hurt but I remember
it well.

Amaya Warren

How to Fall in Love

So, step one: You think about
what you want to come out. Step two:
you open your mouth. Step three: you let
the words fly out.

Houston Pantoja

Man falls off cliff, lands on cheap trampoline

“AH!” He screamed as he fell from the cold,
hard cliff. Woosh! Woosh! He could hear
the wind as he fell extremely fast.
You can hear people’s screams of terror
for this disaster was public. Still falling,
he curls himself into a circular figure thinking
there is no hope, when he lands on an awkwardly placed trampoline.
He immediately bounces high into the air
again and lands back on the huge, cold,
hard cliff. Everyone claps and cheers for
this was just a stunt.

Emerson Rice


Your face is as round as an arch
bridge. Your smile is as wide as the taco
sign on Tacos 4 Life. Your freckles are
like misshapen rocks waiting to be skipped
across a lake. I can hear you giggle and
make fun of me after I trip over
my own feet.

Analyse Kastner

How to Fall in Love

I first open my mouth (every second is agonizing)
show my almost pearly white teeth (every second is agonizing)
Take slow steady breaths (every second is agonizing)
Push down my nerves (every second is agonizing)
Now I take one deep deep breath (every second is agonizing)
Let it out, but in the process grab control of my voice (every second is agonizing)
then I let out a noise hoping it will sound good (every second is agonizing)

Kaylee Thomas


A humid puff of steam
floating around you like a dog to
a bone, two small trains buzzing
towards one another, flower petals seeping
on your tongue…AND HARMFUL SMOKE inching
towards the back of your throat.

Arianna Clark


You’re in awkward elevator country.
When the time comes you must
heed these survival techniques. First,
when accidentally walking into
an elevator with a stranger
and the power goes you must

a) sit weirdly with no conversation.

b) call 911.

c) whistle nervously.

d) read a book like a nerdy Polar Bear

or e) end it all…right then and
there…by manning up and starting to talk to them.

Connor Asbell

How to Fall in love

Firstly you need to get a pan. Then you
need to turn it on high then you put
your butter in the pan and it melts
super quickly. Then you put your substances
into the pan and season them with some
stuff you can’t pronounce then, poof,
you have eggs. But before
it’s done the substance will turn a
brownish color on both sides. It’s really good!

Chryston Calvin

Photograph of The New Orleans Forest

I stand. My eyes wide open.
I am looking at all the fog that seems
like it’s coming near.
Then I close my eyes then
open them again.
Then I see little sproutlings
turning into trees.
I’m pretty sure they’re redwoods,
but I don’t know what to say because
the smell was like pancakes with extra butter
When I look around I am
surrounded by paintings that seem
real but I know they are just the painting.

Gracie Jackson

Ode to the doomsday box

Your cover is like fire.
You add images in our minds like cameras.
Your words are like touching our heart.
You smell like water.
You make a loud noise when dropped
on the floor.
You’re in my arms and classrooms.
You’re everywhere I go.
You taste so plain, plainer than water.
You feel hard but soft too.
You bring out feelings like sadness and
You’re born out of libraries.
You make people occupied when bored.
You show people beyond your covers.
I’m glad to say I can read you.

Emily Olson

Grey Silk

My hair is silk. It is soft,
wavy, beautiful silk. I am happy with it,
but it causes some problems. People want
to cut my hair and make stuff. One
person wanted to make a whole dress out
of silk. One day I went outside and my
heart was someone pounding on the door. I
met up with Meilin, my heart still
pounding. Meilen told me she loved my hair
but did not want it. My heart is now a
quiet deer sleeping.

Madison Fox

nightmares don’t sleep

A stranger, head in his knees,
cradled on a dusty road, that has
your face
Alone. All alone forever, a freak
left behind
Something hungry in the shadows
sees you
He can’t sleep anymore. The nightmares
haunt him forever never sleeping just
waiting in the dark corners of his mind

Liam Lamas

Carl Stuart Middle School
Conway, AR
Dates of Visit: November 13-14, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Kathy Powers
Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7, 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 400
Visiting Writers: Collin Callahan, Patrick Font, Zach Harrod, Zach Hester, Josh Idaszak, Sacha Idell, Josh Luckenbach, Steven Rybnicek