Cooper Elementary School

Mr. Krill

Mr. Krill is
very squirmy.
Last time I
saw him was
in the cold continent,
He has to be
careful around whales.
He also whips up
sushi quickly.
He is also
very lonely,
so try to
comfort him.

Wyatt Hendricks

The Amazing Quest

I trip through the plants
tasting a mouth full of dirt when I fall.
Searching for the water that will
once make happy.
I searched through caves, over mountains,
and took walks along the forest.
No luck was found.
Then I came across a golden
temple that was amazing.

Breckyn Farmer

The Moon

The moon is a small flashlight that guides
your way into the night.
The moon is an alarm that lets
you know the night has fallen.
The moon is a beautiful actor
that stands on the dark stage
to perform.
The moon is a sponge, absorbing
all the light to again shine
upon you.

Mara Wilson

My Worst Memory

I remember almost drowning
in my grandpa’s lake the water
felt like dead skin coming off.

Willaby Robert

Nightly Activities

I dreamed I arrived in
another world, one that
smelled like chocolate.

I dreamed of all of the
characters as I went,
some with big mouths and
others with pie-cut eyes.

I dreamed of the lake,
constantly being filled
to the brim with milk.

Addison Mann

Yellow Sunday

As a big yellow ball of hydrogen
came to the sky the sand
was dancing in pride as the lemon
lion sank in the sand of the
great pyramid.

James Strausbaugh

Cooper Elementary School
Bella Vista, AR
Dates of Visit: February 18-20, 2020
Faculty Sponsor: Mrs. Hallwachs
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 162
Visiting Writers: Samuel Binns, Ryan Chamberlain, Steven Rybnicek, Sidney Thomas