Cavanaugh Elementary School

How to Know for Sure I’m at Walmart

I know I’m at
Walmart when
I see a whole
lot of cars
and when I 
see kids screaming
and running all
over the place
and because
Walmart is
big and has
different sections
like tires and
furniture and food
and I love food
and I like to eat a lot and
I’m hungry right 
now. And when 
I mean screaming
I mean it’ll be
like screaming my
heart and lungs.

Za’Khia Kennedy

Your Peacock Friend

If I was your peacock friend
I would live in a 
mansion you would give
me expensive things
I would always spread
my colorful wings out
when something goes
wrong or if someone
new comes just to
show off you
would always take 
me for long
walks just around 
the block then
I would show off
my blueness.

Spirit Flemons


I’m peas pod.
I’m cocoa.
I’m people.
I’m psst.
I’m Lawrence.
I’m Absolutely.

Alexsandra Duran


If fear is a door on the other side is
a Demogorgon that is going to kick the
door down.

Marley Dixon

Busy City

Busy city is verb busy
every single second they’re busy
from day to night the people there
are as focused as a pencil in school.
The adults are catched about taxes
every body is the same same houses,
same rules, same clothes, same food,
same furniture. Nobody’s happy
not once. Every thing is white and 
gray a gray dark shade. White is
the brightest white ever. Nobody’s 
happy there. Never once.

Liliana Vargas

Turtles are Cool

Turtles so beyond the moonlight.
Digging babies are amazing.
Babies are scattering by hummer walls.
Turtles walk 1,000 miles to lay their eggs.
Turtles climb on others shells and they can
push others in the water. They protect 
themselves by their shell. Their shell is
their home. Walking very slow is 
awesome. They sometimes fall on
their back and take almost an hour to
get back up. They always go in roads.

Allan Wallace

A Government Treasure

One rainy day a man
named Joe got a message
from the government that
asked him to go find
this treasure of course
he did it it was
in Texas on the way
there he saw Michael
Jaxson the creator of
extra math of course he stopped
to talk to him and 
the Eiffel Tower. When he
sat there, there wasn’t
a treasure chest there
was 100,000,000,000 

Alyssa Racine

Ode to Bruises

I love my bruises, they
help me learn from my
mistakes, they help me be
more careful, they remind
me by hurting me to not
touch their space. My
bruises are like my jacket,
because when I go outside,
it keeps me warm and fuzzy, 
but if I dare take it off,
I feel the pain of the 
wind freezing me to
death. I love my bruises,
they help me learn from
my mistakes, they help me
be more careful, they 
remind me by hurting me
to not touch their space.

Annabel Brown

My Mom Passed Away

When my mom passed I was sad because
now I didn’t have a mom and now I would
have to go to a funeral home and when
they buried her and I started crying and 
then I felt very very mad because she
was my only mom I didn’t get mad enough
to punch the wall of my house and I didn’t 
get in trouble but then I went to school and
no one knew till someone
said something that made me so mad I 
punched them right in their face and
everyone saw.

Tyler Hughes

My Picture

My first memory was when
I was in a room and mom
was reading to me and 
then I saw a picture of 
me and I was crawling on
something and I was listening
to mom when I heard my mom 
scream and someone busted in to
our house and my dad heard and
shot the guy and he died and
then everything went black
and I woke up 6 years old already
and we were in a house with
a guy named CJ toward
the end of my memory CJ
punched my mom and I wish
that had never happened to my mom.

Eddie Wilkerson

Ode to Water

I love water. It’s iciness in
the warm, it’s warmness in the cold.
To some people it tastes like nothing,
to me it tastes like everything. I
love its delicious taste.
Everything about water
tingles my spine. It’s liquidy 
goodness is simply divine!
If water disappeared I couldn’t
get over it. It’s the healthiest
choice over soda, juice, and
all. Water is better than
all. Water is better than
people and pets: the feeling of
water, the taste of water,
how water looks, how water
smells. I just love thinking
of water, you should to. 
Water is the best. I have
a suggestion for you: go
to Wal-mart and buy
water bottles. Or get one
of those refrigerators that
dispenses water and ice
(mostly for the water.)
I really advise you to try water!

Madison Winslow


Oh Aquafina! I love you so much!
Ooh ooh you taste soo good! Yeah, Mmm yeah!
Aoooh! You taste clear like nothing!

Ay’maun Ready

Cavanaugh Elementary School
Fort Smith, AR
Dates of Visit: November 14-15, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Hank Needham
Grade Levels: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 52
Visiting Writers: Joy Clark, Sidney Thomas, Kaitlyn Yates, Steven Rybnicek