Caroline Beimford

Caroline is from Boston, MA and teaches Creative Writing and Composition at the U of A. She likes to write short stories, read novels, and visit new places, which is part of why she enjoys WITS. Other things she likes about WITS are: the endlessly surprising and delightful poems written by students in WITS workshops.

Caroline says, “The WITS program helped me get to know Arkansas, and seeing where my students are from made me a better teacher at the University level. WITS also factored into my decision to apply to Arkansas’ MFA program. But ultimately, it’s fun. The visiting writers have fun. The students have fun. And what’s more, they write some pretty good poetry, and seeing that they can write pretty good poetry makes them feel proud, and they want to keep doing it, keep experimenting with language, reading it, sharing it. It’s not every day I leave a college classroom and feel confident I’ve made my students’ lives better, that I’ve taught them something useful. But I never doubt it when I leave a WITS classroom.”