Bismarck High School

Short Poem

a field of daisies
their leaves whispering in the wind
spring announcing itself
two years since she took her last breath

Amy Tarlton

Missing Grandpa

Watching you pull up in your blue truck
Seeing you for lunch every Sunday afternoon
Or hearing the beautiful strums of a guitar
The videos you took of Christmas morn
While we opened presents
We all knew you would fly high and
That’s exactly what happened

Dylan Hart

What I Mean When I Say Manchester

An old gravel road leading toward
porch steps. A piano that’s taught
many generations its keys.
Where late nights spent playing
cards lead to early Sunday
mornings with breakfast in bed.
Great-Grandpa sitting in the same Lay-Z-
Boy for my whole life, while
Great Grandma sings in the outdated
kitchen. Daffodil fields fill the
yard and bouquets all
spring. A place to always be

Natalie McCollum


Leaves on the tree
sit there in wait
as the month flows by;
a week without my family.

Colton Hegwood


The skeleton creeped
under the stars
carrying bones
to give children
all night long
until there were no bones left.

Lane Allen


the sidewalk stained with the rain
from the previous night
leaves of the warmest colors
plastered on the ground
the children dressed in fantasy
step all over the helpless leaves
my foot casts a shadow
occupied by a damp fall leaf
gently I reach down
now holding it in the center of my palm
I’ll save you tonight.

Keera Degreffenreed

Bismarck High School
Bismarck, AR
Dates of Visit: October 20-21, 2020
Faculty Sponsor: Louise Keithley 
Grade Level: 10
Appx. Number Students Served: 63
Visiting Writers: Josh Luckenbach, Kait Yates