Subiaco Academy

Ode to Wenja

When days are bad and I feel down,
when the rain pours and thunder
you are there to push the storm
away. Your soft feet, wet nose, and
ticklish whiskers, too.
You claw at things that no one
else can see, your fluffy feet,
your pink nose, your long whiskers too.
You jump on string, reign over
the house as a fluffy queen,
with quiet feet, soft nose, and white
whiskers too.
You keep me on my feet, you help
me to be happy, my little Wenja.

Micah Harrison

The Chairs

When I knocked on the door,
no answer.
When I opened it,
not a creak.
When I walked across the threshold,
no welcome.
When I sat in the first chair,
my feet hit.
When I sat in the second,
my knees.
When I sat in the third,
I was complete.

Justin Post

A Journey

It was a rainy day in L.A.
I was there to find Lizzy Greene.
The billboards were blinding,
and the traffic deafening,
vendors selling,
and people pushing and shoving.
All I found was:
the city is no place for me.

Conner King

The Hunt

we left early to set up in time
our spot was gone but we had to make do
we all enjoyed the mallards but
the unexpected treasure came later
yes we found him
the king of the ducks

Wesley Schluterman

The Most Precious Box to Me

I went to search the park,
in all its green glory,
for a box I had thought was
long lost.
I passed by the leafy trees,
pushing the branches aside.
When I rounded the dozenth tree,
I saw. The old shoebox
filled with things most precious
to me.
As I lifted the lid off of
the weathered box,
I was what was left inside.
I grabbed the contents,
and wept.
All that was left
was the empty picture frame.

Lucas Tudor

The Fly

Swoosh it lands spraying all the dust
around it away. Twirling its two legs
out in front of it. Turn left. Turn right.
I get closer but slower. Waiting for the
time to strike. With one quick movement
I hit the dust. But it has already taken off.

Nicholas Tayn

Subiaco Academy
Subiaco, AR
Dates of Visit: February 11-12, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Cheryl Goetz
Grade Levels: 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th
Appx. Number Students Served: 85
Visiting Writers: Landon McGee, Mackenzie McGee