Pottsville High School


When  I grow up I want to be gentle.
I want to touch things like they have already broken.
If I am made to work, I want to
file off the calluses on my hands
so that the stay soft
and pleasant to hold.
If I am made to hurt, I want to
knit my tears into a translucent scarf;
I want to walk so seamlessly,
heel to toe,
that the molecules stay together.
When I am told that
I will never be gentle,
I will rip tufts of grass out of the Earth,
shake them in her face;
I will use stars as contact lenses,
shine through them furiously;
I will lay down in the river,
let the water lash at my body,
let my softness be blistered
on the rocks.
When I grow up, I want to be gentle.
I want to be touched like something
that has already been broken.

Cieara Lemon

When I Grow Up

I want to be
cold on one side
and warm on the
there to Protect when
things fall
and there to break
when nature calls
I want to be a

Hayden Weatherall

The Small World

The world we live in is one of the
biggest things to compare to.
to say “you are my world” to the one
you –
I give us hope that there is always
going to be something –
When all I see is what’s around me nothing –
my life is small, my world is small, my
aspect is –

Cameron Lewis Lane

My dream about her

The fire that starts it all,
is still a dimmer shade than what her hair is accustomed to.
Along with the unrelenting shine of hazel in her eyes
that void the world around her.
She has always been asked who’s soles are those?
In comparison to those delicate angel kisses
along her body.
As the fire that started it all I say

Lucas Kendrick

A World Without Lines

  The lines crashed
and as they did so
did the era we had
grown accustomed to.
There were no more
DINGS! of text messages,
no more RINGS! of calls.
Everyone was forced to look
   And when we finally did,
no one liked what they

Nicolette Graves

Why Popcorn Pops

heat and rotation

Laci Woods

Pottsville High School
Pottsville, AR
Dates of Visit: April 3-4, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Andrea Hooper
Grade Levels: 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 84
Visiting Writers: Victoria Hudson, Samantha Kirby