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I Remember the Butterfly

Seeing the yellow butterfly
it brings back splotches of
memories. . .
Nana telling me she loves the color
Getting the call from her that night
Visiting the hospital
Telling I love her
Seeing the yellow butterfly
as I leave the parking
Being told that Nana
is gone
And then nothing.
I leave the memories
and sit down on the
chair behind me as
I calm myself
What I mean is that every time
I see the color yellow
I think of her
But when I see a
yellow butterfly I
know she’s there
beside me

Will McFadden

Ode to my hair straightener

Straightener, Thanks
for always being there
for me when I need
you, all I have to do
is open the drawer.
You keep my hair
fixed every day so I
won’t have a bad
hair day. You are
very useful for a lot
of things also.
Thanks for letting
me use you as a
microphone when I
have to. Without
you I would
be Nothing. You
are very helpful
except when you
burn me.

Ashlyn Childers


At school we were asked
What do you want to be when
You grow up
I said
A show
And my teacher said why a shoe
I said because
I could help old homeless people
Cross the road
Comfort people’s feet
I would keep their toes warm
I could help ease pains in a foot
I could be there when people go on

Parker Payne

Ode to my Pencil

My pencil.
My pencil is
going up to
the sharpener and
is hurting.
As I insert
my pencil the
blades are sharpening
it like fast
whips on someone’s
Then my pencil
comes out sharp
and ready to use.
Here we go
Hand cramps are
nothing, compared to
what this pencil goes

Dylan Quaile

Paris: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Busy streets
The thousands of footfalls
Like thunder on a silent night
People hailing cabs
Their voices and accents
So loud they become almost deafening
Slip off into a deep rhythm
Footsteps, voices, cars, shop bells
The world became a storm
Noises coming from all direction
Even gardens aren’t peaceful
The activities and photography
Flashes from cameras
Becoming lightning and thunder
It becomes music
Almost soothing but not quite

Raylie Walker

First Time Watching J. World

My brother, my Nana,
and I went to the
theaters to see J. World
My Nana fell asleep during
the movie. So I scared her.
Well after the movie was done
she “accidentally” shut
her door on my hand.
I guess what goes around comes around.
Karma struck me.

Zach Young

The Books

The colorful covers.
The adventure awaits.
The spine straight.
Words smudged.
Hard bound or soft.
Tight corset
Hands warm.
Hands cold.
Touch pages.
Page 26.
Page 600.
Page 1821.
Turn. Flip.
Long. Short.

Lyndee Walker

Morning Set Up

Ah, the morning
the long refreshing shower
the update loading on the screen
the sadness of dirty laundry
warm soft syrup traveling to the stomach
drips of syrup splashing on your
the smell of rotten eggs
the sticky stain appearing upon
your leg

Luke Law

The Small Orange Button

Though small in size, it was bright in
Three holes in the center
create the Egyptian Pyramids.
A full things, not quite
fitting anywhere. Not on this
coat or that. At times
I think of
how it was lost.
I imagine it on a dark, black
coat, with orange
In my mind a young boy
was wearing it.
The button lost threat, and became
loose. Looser. And looser.
Until it fell.
Twirling through the air as if
it was a spinning pumpkin.
Hitting the ground with a “ding.”
Swirling round and round on its sides
like a dropped penny in a subway station.
Stopping. Dropped. Gone.
Never found again.
Somethings just don’t belong.

Lyndee Walker

Myself Right Now

Make me a book of colors
Make me a clock on the wall
Make me a chair in your living room
I found this notepad of drawings
when I was 4 or 5 years old,
It had drawings of cows, chickens,
Aliens, and other things, so. . .
Make me an alien in Space on Mars
Make me a dog in your house eating
Make me a chicken with it’s head cut off
Make me a majestic unicorn in the rainbows
Oh, make me. . .
Myself right now


The Moon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

White shoes, floating
above the chalk of
thousands of years.
Stars sparkle like
salt dropped on a
black table.
The hum of the
machine that
brought them
The huge holes
like something


Make Me a Tower

You make me a tower.
Make me a click! from shiny black shoe.
You make me a march from an army.
You make me a horse galloping through the wind like a bird flying free.
Make me a green thin dollar bill.
Make me the smart, odd brain in my head.
I want pretty blue windows that you see your astonishing reflection, a diamond that
You make me a tower.

Kinley James

Guy Fenter Education Service Cooperative
Branch, AR
Dates of Visit: January 25, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Amber Cobb
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 45
Visiting Writers: Claire Pincumbe, Emma Van Dyke, Sam Kirby, Alys Dutton