Taylor Elementary School


Do you see it?
I’ve seen it
Colors everywhere
Might be a duck, a panda, or even a nacho
Most people really don’t know what it is
Might be just a bunch of colors splotted on paper
Or it might be something more
People look at it and most wonder what it is
Do you see it?
If you are listening or looking please ask yourself
“What is it?”

Caden Frizzell

Celery Promises

Celery is a promise
That I will feed the chickens
That I will cook supper
That I will play with the dog
That I will check to see if the cat had babies yet
That I will pay attention in church

Zoë Hanson

In heaven

In heaven the buildings are shining gold
and if you whistle the angels come from the
sky and if you dance you will get kicked out
and every time Kevin Durant shoots a three
or dunks while Jesus is watching on TV, Jesus
will go crazy and in heaven you get to
eat and drink and that is how I like it
cause I like to eat a lot, and if I eat
too much, God, the dad of Jesus, will hit me
with a bowling ball.

Tucker Smith

Plum promises

A plum is a promise that I’m okay,
that I will never leave you, that I’m
always here for you, that I will always love you,
That I won’t lie to you

Jacie Taylor

I will have invisible powers

I will have invisible powers.
I eat orange chicken for every meal and
it is always snowing. No swimming pool.
Cats run the world. Water is always frozen.
Animals can talk and snowmen come to
life. I’m always a teenager, never a grown up.
Dogs everywhere! I live in a mansion. You can
sleep as long as you want.

Jordan Shackelford

You can ride on a carpet

You can ride on a carpet
Snakes cannot be killed
Flags are banned
Anything you want you can have
Skyscrapers are sideways
Water is the only liquid

Jonah Grimmett

The sobbing president

A sobbing President
The President sobs
He’s sobbing, sobbing
About about the paperwork
People laugh at the
sobbing President

Carlee Roberson

Kiwi promises

A kiwi is a promise
That nothing will come between us.
That we will always be friends.
That we will never say something mean again.
That distance is only temporary.
That we will meet our idol together.
That nothing will ever destroy our friendship.

Carlie Maness


Clowns make you balloon animals.
Clowns can play tricks on you.
Do not take gum from a clown unless
you want your tongue to turn purple.

Waylon Stephens

Way too sour!

Why are lemons sour?
They’re not, they’re sweeter than sugar
My mom said they’re kin to bears
She also said they’re made in Neptune
I’ve ate 900 lemons in one minute.
My dad said he hates lemons
My dad said there is one piece of strawberry in all lemons
Lemons are sour because they’re the craziest fruit

Madison Davis

Radish promise

A radish is a promise
That my cat, Cream, would get a treat
That I would stay in shape
That I wouldn’t double tag myself
That I would never eat vegetables
That I would always love my mother’s roast.

Sadie Foster

Taylor Elementary
Taylor, AR
Dates of Visit: March 12-13, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Robby Frizzell
Grade Level: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 152
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Suzanne Monroe, Ben Whisman, Jacob Yordy