Mount St. Mary Academy

Since I am

Since I am a girl
Since I have to wear makeup
Since I have to be a good cook
Since I don’t have anything important to say
Since I am not paid equally
Since I can’t be athletic
Since I have to love drama
I always will be treated less than

Elliott Whicker

no sleep

on a dark rainy day with no sun shining through
since I go to bed late
causing my heart to pound
everyone’s scared

Olivia Harper

piano player

clouds on clouds fog on fog
my sister who is playing
sweet little keys 

clouds on clouds fog on fog
she is the best player of all

 clouds on clouds fog on fog
she comes to a beautiful

Zoe Hinkle

The Cherry Hour

They dance and sing, but not beautifully.
The costumes are cheap.
They look like even a mud sundae would reject them.
They’re twirling and spinning, like a top out of control
cracking jokes as if forced against their will.
This trainwreck disaster. This terrible idea.
Some questioned its existence.
They fumbled and fell, the tops had crashed.
My ears bled from the noise, eyes ached in pain.
Yet I continue to watch The Cherry Hour.

Brynne Johnson

life in the country

since I love the smell of nature
since I can’t imagine waking up on a Sunday and not hearing birds singing
since I hate neighbors
since I lived half my life up in a tree
since I love the silence while fishing
since I don’t know what I would do if I looked out my window and didn’t see a deer in my backyard
since I love being able to have lots of pets
since I’ve always lived this way my entire life
I’ll always live in the country

Mary Stevens


Not a friendly sight but
was once young.

Sydney Snape

In My Cell

Its a lose-lose situation.

I admit


I lie,

and they both have the same effect:

solitary life inside celery.


crowded by embarrassment

and mistakes.

absent of forgiveness.

the cellulose is constricting.

it winds around my credibility

—crushes it.

the pieces are repurposed.—

make an incredible cell—

and then the teeth come.

canines grind up my hope

and my dreams dissolve.

all of my work falls victim to acid.

Emily Werner


Im in a clam shell today. I wait for the bus but it never comes.
I walk an entire coral reef to school.  

Riley Seay


Gum under a shoe
tries to stick to the
ground but it cant quite reach

Anna Yanosick

My Driving

Your driving is like walking barefoot on legos.
Like an exploding disco ball
Like recalled peanut butter
Your driving is like a stampede of angry beavers.
Like an alarm on a Monday morning
Like rotten pomegranate
Your driving is like six eels in shopping carts.
Like falling up the stairs
Like getting a horrible tan line
Your driving is like 2 pigmy goats doing the tango.
Like a test you didnt know about
Like being kicked in the shin
Your driving is as bad as mine.

Remy Provencher

My Sister Tries to Dance

She would dance
like a rhino wearing
roller skates for
the first time,
but she could
roller skate well enough

Maisy Tedder


Since I can’t draw
Since I can’t paint without paint by numbers
Since my stick figures are uneven
Since I hate the feeling of clay
Since my circles start and stop in 2 different places
Since I can’t draw a star
Since my artistic bone is broken
Since my mind goes blank
I always print off art

Madyson Weidner

Mount St. Mary Academy
Little Rock, AR
Dates of Visit: February 5-8, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Monica Madey
Grade Levels: 9
Appx. Number Students Served: 138
Visiting Writers: Kirsty Bleyl, Elizabeth DeMeo, Victoria Hudson, Sacha Idell