Lamar Middle School

Buildings Taking Over

The world is becoming
buildings. They’re taking trees
with ease and putting buildings
up. They’re as high as the sky
but hurt nature, they are grey
and dim but slim. It would
be loud with keyboard sounds but
the workers are proud of what
they did.

Bo Bates

The afternoon of dogs

In the afternoon the steamed
broccoli smells like rotten peaches.

Lamar’s DJ’s ice cream tastes
like dead fish.

The white house feels like
hard sand.

In the world I hear a
lot of squirrels playing
the drums.

I can touch my hair I can
taste my feet my feet smell
like dead fish.

Corbin Cowell

teeth and tongue

“Oh come on,” teeth says, “how come you
get to taste and I have to crush the food!”
Tongue just liked him to stop because
Tongue can’t talk. Teeth had enough so he
bit tongue, then tongue licked teeth saying
“I’m sorry please forgive me.” He licked. Once
in teeth’s life he was happy.

Jakob Perry

Red Rage

My feeling is Red Rage he is
always red as an angry apple he
always is so mad at stop signs.
Losing a game always gets him mad.
Seeing red always makes him mad because
he is red, too. Lastly he always hates
seeing red pizza sauce, that gets
him really fired up.

Alec Deyoung

Tell Me A Lie

I live in Mexico, their flag
is green, white, red. In my basement
I play a song with a violin, a sad
song. Do you have extra fingers?
It sounds scary, stinks, and tastes
funny. Because I fell on my hand.

Zachariah Pugh

Body Part Park

One day Knee and Elbow went to the
Body Part Park. Knee said, “I want to swing.”
But Elbow said, “I want to slide.” But they
were stuck to the same person. They worked
it out so they both got what they wanted
to do, at the Body Part Park.

Rachel Kemp

The afternoon of the pig

The walls are made of wood
The 4th grade is very quiet
Arkansas is a very good place to eat dirt
The earth smells like a lot of salt
I smell like I just jumped in mud
I talk so much that I can’t hear myself

Clara Hampton

A Bookworm Who Can’t Tell the Real World From the Fictional One

Since I always find problems with physical activity
Since I just can’t seem to leave these fictional worlds
Since I lack the needed want for most things
Since I get emotionally attached to these characters
Since I feel like I’m living in a different world
Since I can no longer tell between this world and that world
Since I’ve decided to devote myself to this
Since I became quiet around strangers
Since I became scared
Since I’ve started to worry this is real
Since I’ve lost the ability to know the real world
I will always be a bookworm who can’t
Tell the real world from the fictional one

Shiann Sinor

The Bachelor Hour

All of a sudden the girls start crying,
mascara running down their face because
some dream boy didn’t give them a
stupid rose. Sorry girls, take advice
from the farmers: you don’t have to
be lonely at

Josie Wilkins

How to fall in love

First someone say something
funny, next it takes
me 32 muscles to
move my mouth then
I make weird noises
like HaHaHaHa
for some reason this
is what I’m good at

Luis Patricio

The truth about comas

How do you go into a coma?

One time I broke my brother’s hoverboard when he wasn’t looking.

Michael Lowell


Dull and grey with claws, and big, with
scales all over its body. Low and rumbling.
It smells like dirty socks on a campfire.
It has suction cups on its feet and
sticks to people to get where it needs
to be.

Alex Marlow

Weak Ankles

Since I twisted it on Christmas Eve
Since I turned my foot the wrong way
Since I made that one mistake
Since I slipped and cried out in pain
Since I ran too fast and heard the pop
I will always have weak ankles.

Audree Olson

What’s Creaking?

The door to my room.
The stands in the bandroom.
The stairs in my uncle’s old, broken home.
The bond between my friend and I.
The pencil sharpener in math.
My mom’s desk creaks when you open drawers.
The creaky bed that wobbles and groans in the night.

Bethann Robbins

Believe in Magic?

How could I not?
Have seen my brother Will cut paper
and tape it to the bottom of a water bottle he goes you
see the penny then he puts the bottle on top and
says now you don’t. When someone lays on a sword for
a second the sword pokes him. When someone looks
like they have a sword in his arm it looks like
it’s real. The fake blood is red as real blood.

Logan Leeds

The truth about Doorways

Why do we have to wear seatbelts?
I opened the door to the universe and I pushed
my sister into the Milky Way. I saw Jupiter and
Uranus, and my sister kept getting in the way
so I pushed her. The door smelled like
waffles but it tasted like lysol. I could
hear the distant cries of a starwheel.
We wear seatbelts so the aliens have a harder
time snatching us up.

Cadence Riggio

What’s red

I was red because of my smile.
My friend’s shirt is red.
A fox is red.
My birthday cake is red.
Blood is red.
Hot sauce smells red.
I taste a red pepper.
My life is red.

Skylynn Brand

How to fall in love

First, you go to the shelf.
Then you search until you
find it. Also, you go to the
lady and say, “I’m ready.”
Finally, you go home, snuggle up
to your warm white fluffy blanket,
while listening to the birds chip and
let your imagination fly through
the pages.

Aryana Holt

The Backyard Dragon

The backyard dragon is a fire breath-
ing animal. His name is Jeff and
he likes the starry night sky. Jeff
wants to go home. His home is
under the starry night sky, and
he wonders if it’s okay to love
his starry night sky.

Scarlett Kenney

Ode to dead skin

You smell like a pond with algae all on top of it
You once were a beauty but now are so funky
No one remembers what you did for them,
just that they want you gone from their body
You’re as flaky as the scales on a fish and
as ugly as a dead skunk, you sound like
paper crinkling up and back to its normal
form, repeated again and again
You are dead skin so dead and so

Raquel Webb

Believe in Magic?

How could I not?
Have seen beautiful hummingbirds
flap their wings 100 miles per hour,
have seen stupid people trip on
walls, books that have lasted hundreds
of years, have seen people do
the best they could and it
still be not enough.

Drayton Makepace


ahh Do you smell that?
No it ain’t the Rock cooking
it’s hot dogs, golden ones.
We have the feared election
coming up, even better its
heating debates. The candidates
were squawking geese against
one another and I was
glad. It’s white bucket vs. a copy
of stepdad. No surprise, white
bucket won. We also have
a Walmart full of cheese.

Asher Ford


Makeup, a great want for me. Glossy,
cherry, sparkle, buttery, red cheeks, a nice round palette
magic harp’s music so sweet. Smell the blossoms,
light as air. Palettes and dust on brushes. Confidence
is for me.

Krista Atkins

The Bear & The Scissors

One day there was a
storm a thunderstorm and a baby
bear was lost and a pair of
scissors got left outside during the
storm and the scissors were light so
they got blown away and the
next day the sun was warm and
the birds were singing and it smelled
like raspberries and the scissors were
wandering around and weren’t looking where
they were going and bumped into the bear
and startled the bear and the bear
attacked the scissors the scissors won
and the bear had less hair than
usual and learned not to mess with

Leah Reel

Water Reading

I ate a map. I smelled
like a lot of states. I can
watch TV wherever I go.
It was rough like rust.

Heyleigh Montgomery

Mr. Denim

Mr. Denim, I couldn’t help but
notice that your car horn
sounds like a rainy day and that
your car is teal and that it has
silk seats with a violet steering
wheel and that the rims of your
tires are painted like the sunshine.

Joshua Barrientos


a purple goat girl
whose bleat is soft and crucial
to life without it knowing
It smells so strong you can
taste the sickly sweet grape butter
When it moves it is like
a shadow if you blink
you won’t catch it

Jayden Lemaster

everything I did not get to write about

I did not get to write about my
horse. My favorite color. Who invented
the color teal. When will I look
good in heels.

Haedyn Dunlap


sharp teeth yellow eyes
when first born blue eyes
growl like a bear always
have a leader some have grey fur
some have black beautiful animals
nonetheless they will always
be the champion at being the team
in middle age they search for a

Logan Galusha


The Milky Way’s biggest star is the
sun. My dog killed my 5 goats 1 year ago.
When I was a baby I was in the eye of
a tornado.

Joslyn Thomas

Lamar Middle School
Lamar, AR
Dates of Visit: January 24-25, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Hignite
Grade Levels: 4, 5, 6, 7
Appx. Number Students Served: 450
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Anthony Blake, Collin Callahan, Elizabeth DeMeo, Zachary Harrod, Sacha Idell, Samantha Kirby, Sara Ramey, Zachary Schwab, David Priest