eStem Elementary Public Charter School

Blue Old Backpack

I was in the attic when I stopped to
stare, a blue backpack my mother used
when she was in school.
The backpack was rough to the touch,
but smooth on the inside.
The color used to be royal blue, but now
so faded it’s now a nice sky blue,
it smells like mothballs, and some dust,
it’s covered in dust, but I don’t care,
I’m taking it to school tomorrow. 

Karrsyn Vaughan


Two corn chips are kissing to complete their dream of being an hourglass.
They wanted to do this in the best way possible.
With the stars and birds both overhead and with the waves of the ocean under.
They met at a quarter past nine to complete their dream.

Corey Hignite


Kids run around in the bright colored yards. Puddles from rain
ripple in the roads as cars drive through. Mud everywhere. Water
will come again later the same day. The roses, sunflower, and dandelions
sway in the wind. Spring has just started. This is only the beginning.

Haegan Aaron Dodson

A platypus

A platypus just came
up to me I think
he wanted my apples
but no not my apples he
made a sweet little
face and waded up
to my door but I said
no not my apples.  Oh no not
my apples



Popcorn wakes up every day
makes coffee. Then put on his
suit and went to work. Then got fired
for being too old.

Cristian Couch


I see a great big
on someone’s

It gets bigger
and bigger everyday.

It’s going to
explode one

That day
today at the
Walmart it
just popped
right off.

McKenzie Schuetzle

Weird Love in the Lake

I saw a lake it was a big lake I eat a hamburger and then throw it in the lake     it was my
life     it gave me gold.

I cannot believe that I put a cheeseburger in the lake it de-evolved     But I love

I cannot believe that I got a cheeseburger again     Because I love cheeseburgers so I
throw it. It was cool and shiny.

O’Mari Hussith


Culture has a good attitude.  Attitude
was good culture Jesus Christ
help me.

Emma Poe

Lil Brother

My lil bro plays
games a lot. The
only game he really
play is GTA5 if that’s
how you say it people
say it’s not for kids.
My brother is only 4
his name is Larry
he is really short
his daddy is tall our
mother is short
my daddy is tall but
he passed away
when I was 3. But my lil
bro is always pranking me so when I get
home i’m going to prank him. So yayyy
I’m going to put salt pepper in his drink


Iridescent Llama

The egg.
It was as ordinary as a rat taking a shower.
It was colored like the
Earth itself.
Not in a usual
It almost had the
pattern of ripples in
a pond.
The egg.
It is now making
the sound of twigs
The top now has an opening.
Out of this opening,
something is trying to
It made its way to
the surface.
A colorful llama
has made it to
the outside world.
Good luck to the

Cheyenne Schoeb

eStem Elementary Public Charter School
Little Rock, AR
Dates of Visit: April 2-3, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Rhonda Jack
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 450
Visiting Writers: Andrew Butler, Patrick Font, Joshua Luckenbach, Jacob Yordy