Emerson Elementary School


Boredom is like
sliding down a slide that is
1 foot long. Swinging on
a swing with no swing.
Swimming in a kiddie pool.
Seesawing with a 3-year-old.
Eating potatoes with nothing
on it. Smelling pepper.
Having no video games.

Hayden Warrick

Parts of People’s Body

My arms are like rope my legs are like
stilts my mouth is like a cave my ears
are like oceans and like hip-hop.

Braxley Barnett


At a baseball field
the slender dog
steals home

Miles Welch


the color of a brand new packaged softball
yellow feels like victory
yellow tastes like cupcakes with a full 18-wheeler of icing
yellow smells like freshly cut grass in the outfield of a softball field
yellow sounds like metal softball cleats walking on concrete
yellow looks like someone jumping over the fence to rob a homerun
yellow is a grandslam

Avery Barker

Elimination Dance

New Boston in the Dark
Scary glass dolls sitting on the wall
American flags flying in the air
Gummy bears dancing with the people
that eat them

Gabby Harrell

Left hand

He is lonely.
Everybody likes right hand because he has Domino’s.
He is lazy.
He lives in his mom’s basement.
Can’t hit the side of a barn with a ball.
Strong like a newborn baby.
Smells like a potato chip.

Willy Stephenson

Ode to the letter “I”

“I” looks like an upside down exclamation point
It sounds like how I’m part Irish
It looks like when a raindrop drops and a new one forms
It looks like a broken pencil
It sounds like when a writer’s pencil is erasing

Kendall Haire

My teeth

My teeth goes knocking on doors and biting people.
Its favorite food is people. It likes to hunt animals.
He doesn’t have any friends or family members, because
he ate them all. He knocked out people with his spit.

Jordan Doss


Purple feels like disgust.
Purple tastes like fresh grapes in the summer.
Purple smells like a fresh out the oven blueberry pie.
Purple sounds like lightning hitting the ground.
Purple looks like a confused person in math class.

Kaylen Jeffery

The Truck

The taste of blue raspberry savoring in your mouth
how to feel when rain falls to the ground
mom’s favorite shirt without designs
my fuzzy blanket used every night
splashes from the pool
dad’s scented candle hung in the truck

Chloe Mason

What if the Closet was a Park

if the closet was a
park the clothes would be money
balls the shoes would be sand
boxes and the shelf would be
a basketball court.

Chrissi Benoit


Anger is like dropping your phone in the
toilet and like eating red spaghetti sauce
with raw ground meat and like pizza with raw dough

Havyn Carrington

Emerson Elementary School
Emerson, AR
Dates of Visit: March 28-29, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Kyle
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 110
Visiting Writers: Joy Clark, Sara Ramey, Rachel Thomas, Jenee Skinner