Cooper Elementary School

Piano in Paris

I play the piano in Paris
the tip of my fingers
draft me away to a slippery
ice skating rink. As I dance
and dance in the dawn of night, then I come to a
deep dark place, nothing
I ever imagined…a
basement full of spiders.
“Where am I?” As a tarantula
crawls up on me I fall
in a deep sleep. I wake up
in a cave full of fire
flies and blue butterflies.
I found that I was in a
dream. I tried to wake
up, but…I wanted to
stay, feel the warmth
of the light forever…
and ever.

Ella Spahn

The Tree Speaks

The wind is fast as it
blows through my branches. I love
to watch the children play on
the small playground below. I am
amazed by the extraordinary
taste of sunlight and water. I hear
the horns of cars on the high
way across. I smell the
freshness of wet dew on the
grass in the fresh mornings.

Kya Brown

The Burrito

The burrito speaks. The burrito
rolls across the counter avoiding
being burned by that mean microwave.
I flop onto the floor and roll to the
bathroom, “Ew, it stinks in here,” I
say. I can hear the door open and
close. I smell the familiar smell of
feet. I see her with my one burrito
eye. I feel her pick me up and put me
in the trash.

Anna Becerra

Dark Day

Midnight stars in sky
shattering in the ugly space.
Crickets screaming like blue sun
No aromas can be found for the fog is
much too strong. The slimy king gecko
rules the wood. Dark day you are
light night’s brother.

Max Ranken

The Way I Think

I think about the
songs strummed by a thin pick
I think about the echo
that I hear travel for miles
I think about the way
I feel like a lizard or
as smooth as an apple.
I think about the way
I can walk on four legs and
run marathons that I can
feel my breath give out. I
think of what I could have

Kylee Sallee


One, the
fine smell
of the
pine trees.

Two, the
taste of
the fresh

Three, the
sight of
a small
cabin made
of dark logs.

Four, go
to the
freezing river
of salmon,
then get a big net
and put it in the water
of fish in your net.

Cruz Porter

The Diamond Speaks

I was orioles and was
an accessory for an hour.
I was a red wood tree
seeing all the wonderful
things of the world for
an hour. I was a
smooth silk and was
as white as snow and
could hear the wrinkles
go out of me. I was
a book for an hour
and could hear me
flip and fly and
see the paint fall
off of me.

Will Bankston


This stove is so hot it could
blow up the house. Two boys
keep ding dong ditching us.
Why is the stove so hot?
I remember when I used to
play with my dog. My mom
and dad turned the stove on.

Emma Fink


The plants outside my house,
my new book’s scent,
my friend’s mood when she found
her cat, how I felt after
my shower.

Jessica Stockley

Go Back to the Ocean

1. As it gets colder the fish go down deep
into the bluish ocean.

2. As I feel the breeze I hear a whistle
from faraway down in the ocean.

3. As I look around the soft sand
I see a snake crawling down in the

4. I smell the ocean saltwater and
calm myself down.

Kelly Alas


My brothers and sisters
attitude. The sun on
my body. Sap of the
bark of an oak tree.
A green spotted
poisonous frog. Sweat off
of someone in the gym. Fire
ants in
my backyard.

Cora Smith


I am a fork.
I live in the kitchen.
I have stabbed a
balloon in the back
yard. Do you like forks?
I remember the time
I got put in someones

Kaliana Milford

Cooper Elementary School 
Bella Vista, AR
Dates of Visit: February 20-21, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Christina Hallwachs
Grade Levels: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 90
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Joy Clark, Jacob Collum, Zach Schwab