Berryville Middle School

The Flower Sparrow

This morning I woke up and swallowed a sparrow
this sparrow was as small as a cricket and only
could peep like a chick when I yawned again the sparrow
flew out in a hurry peeping and flying as fast as a
cheetah it disappeared in the dark sunlight. It tasted
like dirt and air, it felt like leaves moving around
and the smell was like a flower.

Austin Orr

John and the whimpering banana

John stared at the banana like a hawk stares at
a mouse. The banana whimpered because it knew it
were to be devoured as a shark devoured a tuna fish.
The banana was yellow as a sunflower.
John started to unpeel the banana, as it unpeels the
peels look like a blooming flower. The banana started
to look as bare as a naked mole rat.
John finished the banana as fast as a snap.
The relationship was over just
like a divorce separates a couple.  

Ekira Hernandez

They were like…

They were like two peas in a pod. They
would be like two bees buzzing about
each other. They would fight like lions.
But when they were happy they
were like a honey badger and a
honeyguide. And they were inseparable like
two brothers. They were like
two books that never closed.  

Aaliah DeLeon

Sparrows are food

This morning I woke and swallowed a sparrow.
Sparrows are delicious, they taste like chicken.
Chicks can lay eggs. Eggs are good for
breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal
of the day. A meal is a group of food.
Food gives you energy. Energy gives you
power. Power helps you keep moving. Moving
gets you hungry. When you’re hungry, you eat
a snack. Snacks are like chips, cookies,
fruit, ice cream, crackers, and candy.

Mauricio Lemus

The maggots

I remember maggots.
I picked up a bag of potatoes
the bottom broke. Out came
hundreds of maggots and
a few potatoes. What I mean
is throw out smelly potatoes.

Tyler Smith


Dead animal
evening and
early in the morning
really tasty meat.

Alexus Williams

A Life as a Shoe

A life as a shoe is horrible I get
smushed all day, all those stinky feet
and I don’t even want to talk about
all the stuff I step on. My fave
part of the days is at night but when they
kick me off now that is not a delight.

Rachel Roberts

A day in the life of homework

Homework at children’s point of view, they are disgusted
of me. As homework, I usually get thrown in the trash
unless someone needs me, then I am not useless
until they are done with me. If people paid attention to what
they do, no one would throw the beautiful green paper I am.
Come on, people! You should know I never die, I only turn to particles.

Lucas Pierce


Five is first haiku
Seven is second haiku
Five is last haiku

Israel Tellez

Yeasty Donuts

Warm donuts taste great
when they are yeasty and fresh.

Madison Redline

Day in the Life of a Worm

Today was an amazing
day today! So I was
getting ready to go on
a date with my future
boyfriend! So when I was
getting ready, my brother said
there’s no point of looking
in the mirror, your face
looks like your rear
end then I got really

Jazmin Aguinaga

The Zipper

I remember the Zipper. The
ride took me to memories that
I hate. I will get on to
face the fast and furious ride.
I hang on upside down waiting
to get off. What I mean is
I still like to get on.

Lindsay Diaz

Berryville Middle School
Berryville, AR
Dates of Visit: March 27-28, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Karie Sayer
Grade Levels: 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 115
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Zach Harrod, Emma Van Dyke, Madeline Vardell