Cavanaugh Elementary School

Poor Jellyfish

hey Jellyfish hey Jellyfish
I don’t like the way you play
with me or others. And you are called
Jellyfish because maybe you make
jelly or jam and why do you sting people
if they do nothing to you. The end.

Alicia Gonzalez


I’m inside a clock don’t you know I’m
mischievous I changed the time ring, ring,
ring you’re free little kids escape while you
can my friend tacker is hour I’m minute
we fooled the teacher run kids run.

Valeria Gonzalez

German Shepherd Friend

Right now I’m sleeping
in a dog house trying
to keep warm in the
you come by
walking down the
street I saw
you with no
jacket and I
knew that
you will get
so I went
to you and
kept to your
side till
you got

Hailey Goodwin

My Dream About Swimming

Swimming in the ocean on a late
afternoon wind howling crickets chirping
I dunk my head underwater and see
zebra fish swimming through the seas
oh what a black and white sight to see swimming
through the ocean on a late afternoon.

Ashton Corbit

How to Write a Poem

You can’t think of anything
Your mind is blank and so
is your paper. Think about annoying
and the non annoying. Taste anything
edible, tell what you taste. Be quiet
enough to hear the sound of nature,
close your eyes and feel everything,
write that down. You smell
the fresh air. Use your senses
to feel the green nature beautiful
forest then write it down.
That is how you write
a poem.

Lyric Flemons


Crepuscular mese having fun
with your friends and your
family but you can play in
the big fat leaf pile
but a leaf pile is going
to blow in the windows
and windows shout I
am so fat because
I eat windows
and then a big fat
weird monster tried to
get me but soopgril
saved me and she
saved the world
and no one knows how
it was in she left
I am the only one who saw her.

Lakyn Freeman

Terrorist of the Town

Oh, Godzilla, why must
you terrorize this town?
Cotorton Town always
is torched by you!
Why not Echosiv Town,
or Fayfind Town? And why
do you always attack
us when something good
is happening? Some of
the best people of
this town have moved
because you ruin everything!
We were having a good
concert! Somebody was so
happy, he was doing take
the L on the roof! And
then you come and ruin it
all. You should be ashamed
Godzilla, you filthy, evil, bloodthirsty, unfair
excuse for a reptile! You always
terrorize this town!

Halle Anderson


Beware of the Jabberwocky!
His eyes are the color of clab
blue. His hair is clonkers
red. His wings are shabers
brown. His beak is flubers
purple. He has claws the
size of a toilet! He has
a head as big as a
giant clock! His feet are
cube is tan. His personality is
frindle black! And he looks
like a turkey and a goose.

Kami Flemming


blank! blank!
blank! blank!
blank! blank!
blank! blank!

Trystian Christensen

Weird Song with Harry Potter

Harry Potter has a wand he thinks its
weird but every time he tries to use it
frogs come out of it the wand
is weird but he still uses it he never
cries so that’s why he will go away I
know he will come back but he is
strong even when there are frogs
that come out of the wand he
likes the wand but he does not
like the frogs so he decided to
throw it away then someone found
it then he used it but there was
no frogs coming out there was
lightning coming out of the wand


Poor Starfish

Poor starfish with no eyes you can see
all alone in the bottom of the ocean
and no one to see him. Poor starfish.

Analia Martinez

Heartbreak Song with Bread

All I want is bread bread
bread b-bread b-bread bread bread
bread b-bread b-bread bread bread!!!!!
all I want is Breeead!!!!!
all I really wanted was
peanut butter jelly bread yaa!
Breeeeead!!!!!!!! yaa with
peanut butter jelly.

Qwanell Mobley

Cavanaugh Elementary School
Fort Smith, AR
Dates of Visit: November 15 – 16, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Hank Needham
Grade Levels: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 58
Visiting Writers: Joy Clark, Victoria Hudson, Hiba Tahir, Emma Van Dyke