West Junior High


It’s a teal blue, all year long. Nobody
ever uses that door. It’s used for
show, or to hang something on. Never
opened, never acknowledged. Poor thing, gets
no attention. Old wood just sits in the
presence of the sun, unbothered. I never
use that door, it doesn’t seem right. Why go
through a door that takes you to an odd place,
like the living room? Using that door makes
everything less like home.

Collyn Rogers

The Wilderness in Winter Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The wilderness is silent other than the gushing wind,
chirping birds, crunching snow, and occasional twig
I sit in a deer stand huddling up to stay warm.
A nearby bleat prepares me for a coming deer.
I reach for my bow when I hear the shuffling
of hooves in the snow.
I hear the drips of water melting from the
The short steps of the deer are like staccatos.
However, the birds’ chirps are like legatos.
I spot the deer.
It’s a young buck coming right towards me.
I draw back my bow and wait for the
deer to turn.
He does and I release the arrow.
I hear the thunk as it penetrates through his
fur and vitals.
He runs but I see him down about a
hundred and twenty yards from my stand.
Everything that disappears, disappears as if
returning somewhere.

Brandon Webb

Sean Rains

I hear a cricket chirp. An
owl hoots, and a wolf howls.
Then, I hear the whistle of
a pot, and the sound of boiling.
A loose floorboard creeks, and
a door hinge squeals. The noises
grow softer as I age. That’s
how this machine works.

Sean Rains

Facts About George Stinney Jr.

A national tragedy surfaced the public
as two young girls were found murdered in
South Carolina in 1944. The main suspect
was 14 year old George Stinney Jr. Stinney
was immediately put on death row in front
of an all white jury. The Press claimed
Stinney admitted to the murders even though
there is no document or confession.
Stinney became the youngest Person ever executed
in 1944 in which he was sent to electric
chair. Stinney was crying in the chair.
This case was re-opened in 2014 in which
Stinney was proven innocent, and that the
execution was racially motivated considering
Jim Crow and Stinney’s skin. This means
the poor brother was murdered at 14 years
old because of his skin.

Hey face, unlike any other face. Her brownish
eyes. Her brown eyebrows. Her soft as silk of a
face. Her supermodel of a face. Her “I’m here for
you” face. Her soft pink lips of a face. That face.
My friend’s face.

Richard Massey

A small Excursion

Follow me, as we
walk until night
has disappeared,
and morning has
come. Follow me,
as we walk through
Los Angeles, touring
the busy, yet rather
lonely streets. Heads
will turn, peering
as we make our
way through Calabasses.
Eyes circling around
illuminated objects,
objects that without
the moon, wouldn’t be

Emma Proffitt

The sound of loud: original motion picture soundtrack

the creak and squeak, sound of nails being
torn from the stairs, simply because
the tip-tapping of water in the far away
galaxy kitchen is WAY too much

A child’s creation, little fingers, almost like
little sages painting on the blank canvas
of their minds.

the sound of dog, whom is laying by feet,
fired, worn from walking through this life. The
sound this dog offers, Loyalty, cannot be
matched, but the closest you can get is
rubbing a grasshopper wing and a spider leg.

Everything that disappears, disappears as if returning

Chloe Marriett

To him

I love the way your hair blows in the
breath taking wind he smells like
a bottle of ax bodywash and his
voice is light and breath taking and
his smile is as perfect as a stack
of folded towels.

Jainya Collins

Who am i

I believe in you, Garry’s Factor
We meet in a world your kind is gone.
you traveled so far but lost so many.
your rapture is rising. your anger and fear flights.
a war is happening inside. we see and feel the
same. you know what you seen and what has
happened. you know the truth, but it’s locked.
locked somewhere dark. darker than the
gods could see. we feel the hated, we
saw as your kind feeled from its race.
we seen what’s in you. the wings,
the claws, the hated fear. how do I know this,
we are one and one of one knows all.

Cameron Wilborn

Laynie Double

When I was at the park walking
a butterfly landed on me
then overnight I gain the power of making
copies of people
go now I only use my power for good
to protect our pedestrians

Dalayna Overall

The Unusual Banquet

The town rejoiced like a Church on
Sunday morning. There were vibrant decore
that didn’t match the event happening.
The town was roaring as the sick
erupted with fury. The smell of
lime and cold dust was in the air.
There was cracking and screaming
as the colors set the mood of the

Omar Jackson

Tree of Lying

I forgot to feed our dogs
I met the president before he ran for the role
she broke the window not me
what do you mean the cookies are gone?
My brother took the Dr. Pepper
I didn’t know I was making a mess
She could stay awake at night like an owl

Julia O’Day

West Junior High
West Memphis, AR
Dates of Visit: March 13 – 14, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Ashley Lipe
Grade Level: 7
Appx. Number Students Served: 120
Visiting Writers: Collin Callahan, Zach Harrod, Zach Hester, Josh Idaszak