Weaver Elementary


I was born from a clean smelling
box, my long bright brown
body. I get worn every day at school
and outside, but I was thrown so high
that I became stuck on top of a
My skin color fades and I start to look
And I decreased every day, until I was
never seen again.

Nakhya Jackson

3 Eggs

I saw 3 lopsided eggs
with drawn faces on
them and they were all colors.
The first egg hatched it was
sky blue, and sky blue has seven
eyes and no feet, arms, or legs
but he could use his tongue
to walk and run, but it ran
really slow. Then the second
egg hatched into a dentist
office it has all kind of tools
for teeth it has drawers for
eyes and it crawled it does
not have legs and its eyes
are cotton swabs. Then
the third egg hatched it was
song, and all the music notes
and lines came out. It was
singing a Bruno Mars song
and it was my favorite song
but it ran away singing
and it was black and blue and
wore a black and white
suit. But it ran and ran and
was never seen again.


Sloth Soup

The next friend you get will
be made out of spaghetti

When you wake up
you will be in the sky
floating with cloud pants

Your toes will turn
into space sloths

Kaiya Newsom

The mystery eggs

There were square-shaped eggs and
they had Mrs. Thomas’ name written on them

An egg cracked, it was a baby purple
it said “Mrs. Thomas I demand Mr. Thomas.”

Then the egg had a baby room and tried to
sing but grass came out its mouth

A baby sound came from the last egg
it was Mrs. Thomas as a bird I
was here the whole time.

Quentan Jefferson

Chinese Honey Chicken

Dancing on the waves at night like ants on my feet
You will fall out of a roller coaster because of a large shoe
Enormous cricket will come and eat your mom’s large plums

Carmen Stewart


I am orange. I stick to things like
glue. I also live in the water. Everyone
knows that I’m the shape of a star. Also
they know I’m sticky. I am the only one that
knows that I like to go ghost hunting.

Jayla Johnson

Weaver Elementary School
West Memphis, Arkansas
Dates of Visit: May 1 – 2, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Sheila Grissom
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 85
Visiting Writers: Elizabeth DeMeo, Cheyenne Autry