Marion Intermediate


I have a sunflower in
my wrist. The sunflower
attracts the bees. I’m getting
stung left and right. The
sunflower has now turned
red which is bad. The sunflower
will die I think I might die

Landon Barrington

Time Changing

It feels like everything stopped
the birds, lizards, and snakes stop moving.
You can see everything around you.
I could see stuff that I haven’t
seen before. It’s like times
is changing, but I’m not moving.

Jordan Harris

Things That Makes My Heart Chatter

it was 5:30 in the morning. I hear
a baby crying so I look outside in
a tree was laughing so I ran back inside
got under my bed the sun said mooo

Porscha Woods

Three Lines Slow

I like cakes
better than my
mom makes

Josh Garza


I am taller than
a giraffe. My friends
are green and purple.
I have 23 horses that
eat like they’re starving.
My sister is as tall as
the tallest person on
the earth and I am
the smartest kid in
the whole school.

Madison Main


It sounds like technology
But it looks like its not an
animal. Neither a food. It’s
probably an invention. Or a
television. I don’t think it’s
a recipe.

Briana Fisher

The Wonderful City

Honk Bam Skrix. The noise
is traffic. And traffic equals
roadrage. But while that happens
the flower stores flowers
are in the wind. We can
smell the bakery’s pie. The
seats are covered with
pidgeons so we can’t sit there.
We can hear teenagers in the
Bath & Body works trying to
find a perfume for prom.

Emma Wilkes

The truth about rainbows

Rainbows are lame,
Rainbows are VERY violent,
There is gold at the end of a rainbow,
I own all the gold from rainbows,
I am a leprechaun,
I am at every rainbow,
I am a tall leprechaun,
Rainbows are gray and black,
Rainbows play sports,
Rainbows are created by us leprechauns,
Rainbows are sponsored by Taco Bell,
I don’t like rainbows at all.

Jas Small

A porpoise gave me life advice

A porpoise gave me life advice,
I would more so call it wisdom.
He told me to save my tissues,
to keep them for arts and crafts.
I didn’t understand at first,
but he told me to make cloth chains.
Then he said to heat half of a kiwi,
at dawn give the other half to a porpoise,
but not any porpoise in the sea.
Give it to the one who is baby blue,
or has grey spots.
That porpoise is my mother,
and she has a bad case of strep.

Annie Maclin

The Girl and the Bully

I was in the park
behind the green slide and the sun
was setting, I seen this girl being mean
to a girl smaller than her. I got worried
so I snuck to my grandma’s house
to get her to stop her from doing that.
The little girl seen me and ran to me
so I could help, at that very moment I wished
I could turn into a slide because
she was bigger than me also.

Ariea Cooper

What’s Broken

My thoughts are broken by the violence of
the world. My heart is broken by hatred and
rejection. And my heart is shattered in pieces
like a grenade when it explodes.

Gift Parker

My Hairline

My hairline is a
tiger. It wakes me
in the morning
and threatens to
eat my scalp if
I don’t run. It feeds
off my sweat and
when it is really
hungry, it nibbles
on my hair. Sometimes
he’s hard to find. Especially
on my friend Kenny.
I tried to cut him
off but he never
goes away. People
say I cut him on purpose but that’s
right because he is

Leo Levesque

Facts About Cockroaches

It’s strange, cockroaches
lived in the dinosaur times, of
course a lot of animals have
to but what if I told you they
can live a week without their
heads. Tad strange right? Cockroaches
coming back for you.
What can you do right after
20 years of a great life then
boom right in front of you your
childhood home is right in front of
you. No one has visited it 5 years
after I left it and I knew why.
When I opened it and the door slammed
shut locked.

Vincent Blankenship

The moving machine

I love to move all the time
I move this way I move that way
then my dog come and move with
me when someone ring the door bell
me and my dog move to answer it and
we say hey we are the moving machine

Survanna Clay

The Wild girl

I have eight
fingers. I do
not eat chocolate.
I am as wild
as a cheetah.
I eat paper.
Cardboard tastes
like pizza. I
live in the
trees. I
was not born.
Instead I was

Kaylin Wilson

Facts About Owls

Owls can turn their head all the way around.
They can see what’s coming.
It could be food.
It could be danger.
It helps them survive.

Sarah Gudino


If you’re reading this and feeling jealous imagine you’re floating
on a cloud of cotton candy and bubble gum. Then the pain
will fly through your earhole like an erupting volcano
in the desert. Then you’ll be happier than a shat that
has just eaten someone.

Spencer H.

To Swallow

To swallow a hurricane, it feels like
my body is about to overflow. It feels like
branches are hitting my heart. I feel nails in my
arms and legs. It feels like a hammer is
constantly hitting my head. I can’t even breathe
because I have water all around me. All I can’t
taste is sea salt. I try to peel the leaves
off my face but it doesn’t work.

Naaziah Hampton

What Happened

the police station
Tamil explained
when Mr. Croc snapped
was cut open
In this case
to sneak his victim
to pieces
and drowns you

on God to witness

too delighted

A mother crocodile
will hatch
the jungle


Grace Griffin

The White Dress

She’s getting married to an ugly man she doesn’t like but
her Dad is making her marry him she fell in
love with a—
it’s her sweet 16 so she made everyone wear
bright white—
it’s prom night, it’s a white prom she
did not want to—
she is going to live somewhere it’s
it’s her sister’s birthday but she was no
where to be found she and her sister are twins—
she’s having a family reunion she tastes
the fish—
She finds a beautiful dress in her mother’s
room she said “I’m going to wear it for the party!”

Peyton Randle

Poison Heart

Oh graceful light of foot
exchange token bracelets

trenchant knife
my heart
my breath

once the rice is eaten
vegetables are consumed

abandon me; then flee away
to the country of the Bih

I discard my knife? Why should I lay
should I abandon my wife in the most beautiful
days of my youth?

CJ Williams

Marion Intermediate
Marion, AR
Dates of Visit: April 26 – 27, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Julie Malloy
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 200
Visiting Writers: Zach Schwab, Colin Callahan, Josh Idaszak, Sacha Idell, JT Mahany, Michelle Myers, Anna Vilner, Andrew Butler