Ledbetter Intermediate


Every day I think about them
when I drive by

I think about these hawks
who they are, what they do

do they like long or yellow
what about black and thin

why do they sit on the thin black
electrical wire on the long road by the yellow house

How come they are there sometimes
and sometimes not

do they talk with motion
do they communicate silently

I wonder what these 2 think
Hank and Heather

Aiden Adams


Like how I tell about
my best sleepover
or going to silver dollar city

even when I let
my dog have an eraser
as a toy when I was

How about how many
times I’ve hurt myself

or how much I
love the smell of vanilla

and why does every
one love cake and
not brownies?

My favorite thing I want
to write about is that

and this “I want a nack”
say instead of snack.

Brooklyn Lamproe


I had a garden that sparkled in the sunlight
I had a garden that went dull in the night
I had a garden that bloomed in the sunlight
I had a garden
I had a garden that went down in the night
I had a garden that grew in the sunlight
I had a garden that shrunk in the night
I had a garden

Aidan Godsey

The Museum of Mirrors

In the museum of mirrors
everything is glass.

As you’re walking down the
hallways, all you see is yourself

It is very bright because
of the reflection of lights

As you keep walking you
will see glass people

They are all different sizes
so as you find your

and look inside
you will see your

and get trapped

Caitlyn Swopes

The Museum of Hair

The building is
made out of hair,
the doors are made
out of hair. People
and kids would
react to hair.
Their hair would come
off, some of people’s
awesome hair would
be in the throng
people would say
holy Hair! Aliens
would come and
visit and take
some hair to go.

Jonny Leon

My Heart

my heart is red like lava
my heart is as big as the Eiffel tower
my heart is like red velvet cake batter
my heart beats like a drum
my heart is like a warm hello

Gracie Blakemore

The Graceful Body

The body was graceful as a butterfly
It fluttered through the air
with the wind brushing against the face
It dropped gracefully through the air
as if pulled by strings

It moved like a puppet
as if Pinocchio
It smelled of burnt wood
and looked like a tree trunk
small yet strong
The body was as graceful as a butterfly

Titus Brown

Orange Chicken

You will be noticed by a variety,
You will see a figure in the dark,
You may hear but never listen.

Macy Woodward

Finding My Mom

There is a leaf walking around
in the cool breeze of fall.
The leaf is all ready with its
orange skin and red dress.
The leaf was trying to find
its mom who lost her looking
for the other ones, but
she could only find her sibling
until she found her mom
in 5 years she herself was a

Gabby Morgan

Passing the Border of California

The border is crossed
The roads are robin’s egg blue
The grass is the color of a pearl
The car suddenly turned metallic turquoise
Palm trees were baby blue and navy
Ice cream tasted the same
But looked like big blueberries
I was suddenly a smurf
My mom, the color of a pearl
My dad, navy blue
My dog, bone white
All because of passing the border

Claire Bouse

I had a garden

I had a garden that lit the sea sand,
I had a garden that sang every time I slept,
I had a garden that grew its plants every step I took,
I had a garden that every time I touched it, it would laugh,
I had a garden that melted every time it rained,
I had a garden that cried every time the moon came out,
I had a garden

Alissa Flores

Inside a Star

I sparkle through the night, but
when the sun comes up I feel
like nothing when people look at
me they think I am an alien ship
but all I do is shine so bright
all I wish is I was the sun so
everyone would see what I am

Shanya Downing

How to Capture a Hailstorm

Step 1: Gather Materials (1 ice tray, motorcycle helmet,
freezer, shampoo, snow cone, ribbon, and 1 basket).
Step 2: Put on helmet.
Step 3: Tie a ribbon around the shampoo and snow cone.
Step 4: Place snow cone and shampoo in basket.
Step 5: Place basket under a hail cloud.
Step 6: Run around in circles and do the rain dance.
Step 7: Take ice tray and hold it where the hail is.
Step 8: Put it in the freezer to last forever.

Kaylee White

Where Paper Comes From

I come from trees deep in the jungle
where monkeys were once on top of me

Where once a snake slept on me
like a person sleeps on a bed

Where once I was home to many animals
but now I am home to a bunch of letters

They cut me down
as if someone was falling

I hear people say timer
but not sure why

I look very tall
but inside me there are birds singing

I used to be a tree
but now I’m paper

Now I am worth
a bunch of taping on me

Cameron Vanzant

The Odyssey of the Search

Year 1
It’s been 12 months since I last saw home
I have been traveling across the pacific ocean
Ravaging the seas looking for my long lost cousin
I haven’t seen land since March, when I saw an island
I can’t remember when I last saw any life

Year 2
It’s been 24 months since I last saw home.
One of my crewmen was tossed overboard
The storm lasted for 14 days
We haven’t had any vitamin c since we first left
and my crew is starting to fall ill
No land has been spotted since the first March

Year 3
We finally spotted land and rushed forward
There was a monster guarding the island
We had to man the battle stations
We finally shot it down, but lost a crewman
We had lost 2 since the trip began
We made it to the island safely after that.
On the island we found local natives and asked
“where are we?” they replied
“on the Galapagos Islands”

Year 4
After the encounter with the natives
we collected food and water
The food we brought was jerky and oranges
The food tasted like my mom’s best
Finally after 4 ½ years we saw
my cousin!
We brought him home and he loved it

Home was different after 4 years
My family was very happy to find me safe
I was respected in a new way by the townsfolk
Home was great
my family was back to the way it should be

Titus Brown

Where TNT Comes From

When I hear a BOOOM
I know a bird has been exposed

There are traps in their beds,
so pigs can conceal the eggs

The pigs put magical jellybeans
so it blows up and sends them away

They put little smelly goods
in because they’re not total monsters

It turns their feathers green
with some feather dye

They shove it in a box and
let it block their path

The birds don’t always make
it but neither do the pigs

So TNT is an enemy
that they can agree on.

Where TNT comes from.

Addyson Johnson


Imagine life with no war and only peace.
Imagine if your whole family could
go outside and no one judges
you. Imagine all humans
getting to know each other. Imagine if
you could move around free with no worries.
And nature was never harmed by pollution.
All these things could make the
world different.

Allen Azriman

Face Poem

Your rouge scalded face
nothing but scalded.
One I like I trust
that you can break down
a building with your
face. Face poem.

Alyson Brown

Recipe for the sun

The sun sits there in space
giving heat to people on earth
and plants and animals
really really hot
too bright to look at
it’s yellow
sitting there
all big and round
goodnight sun
hope to
see you
in the

Quinn Walker


My love for you is like rotten eggs.
My love for you is like a skunk.
My love for you is like a kiddy pool
small and shallow. My love for you
is like ice. My love for you is
like winter in the arctic
cold and unforgiving.

Kendall McAdams

The Girl

Her hair was as blonde as the
sun, her smile lit up your whole
day. Her freckles looked like

She wore white blouses and skirts
that were baby blue with her
brown boots. She thought she was
no one, she was jealous.

Kyra Kick


Your dancing is like the smell of burnt rubber.
Like the sound of smashing a cup.
As if a blind raccoon ran into a pole.
Like taste of uncooked steak.
Like watching a banana fall from 1,000 feet.
Like a hunter aiming for a deer and missing.
Like the sound of glass shattering.
Like Stephen Curry missing 200 shots in a row.
Like the sound of me trying to sleep while
my parents play loud music.
Like being in a nightmare, not able to wake up.
Like being too lazy to take out the trash.
Like when you want to go outside but there
is a storm.
Like how it feels when you ask for a toy and then
don’t get it.

Elijah McKinney

How to Fall in Love

First: Get into comfortable clothes
But not something that will make
you cold or sweaty.

Second: Find the music that makes
you feel excited and
makes you want to dance

Third: Then make up some dance moves
and put it with the song
you chose and practice to make it look good.

Fourth: Last show off your dance moves
with the music and impress
everyone with a “whoo whoo”
at the end.

Shelby Earnheart

The Old Man

My grampa is old.
I feel the cold table,
smelling half eaten pie with whipped cream.
I taste ice cream.
I see the open field.
I hear the outside rumbling.
Ink everywhere when I slammed
my pen down.
I’m thinking about the future.

Nikolas Cenobio

The Pearl

In the ocean there is a pearl
in a clam. The pearl is a shiny as
a clean white board and it is as
round as a coin. The clam is
a purple shiny bluish color with shiny
sparkly pearl. The ocean is as blue
as the sparkly shiny sky. Also
the pearl that was in the clam was waiting
to be discovered by a tall skydiver.
The next day it wasn’t found
by the skydiver, but me.

Morgan Holt

Ledbetter Intermediate
Farmington, AR
Dates of Visit: March 27 – 28, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Ginny Luther
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 205
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Hannah Bradley, Andrew Butler, Joy Clark, Elizabeth DeMeo, Josh Idaszak, Molly Rector, Sheena Woods