Norfork High School

Cherry Ode

you’re as small as an acorn,
as bright as red nail polish,
you’re as sweet as candy,
you’re my favorite snack,
your flavor is used for everything,
Jolly Ranchers,
your name is used to
describe the color red
like a cherry red sports car,
or a colored pencil.
Other fruits use your name
like cherry tomatoes.

Ashley Baker

The Life of Water

The water fluidly flowed into the oddly calm pool
It started with seconds, then minutes flew
by, there was still no disturbance.
The next bright, early morning, the reflection of
lights, circuits, and buttons could be seen in the crystal
clear water.
The water began to swirl down until the pool began
to run empty.
All of the water rushed into the plastic elongated
As the containers traveled down a steady moving belt,
it finally became enclosed in a dark cube.
When the top panel was removed it was set on a
cold metal shelf.
The clock spun for hours until a figure picked up
the water container.
Along with tomatoes, celery, and mushrooms, the water
is grabbed by a large being with a sturdy grasp.
Stuck in a long plastic sack, it goes on to live its
journey again.

William Weatherford

Berry Bush

I look for bushes
berry bushes
I see a sandy path I go follow
It is very cool outside like biting an ice cream cone
Wind tangy on my eyes like the taste of berry
Soothing as now a cool waterfall would feel on hot skin
The sticky feel is left on my fingertips
I wait for the thunderstorm to wash it away

Quixoti Kowellski

The Feeling of Gym

Walking into the gym I can hear
saxophones flowing like wavy water
ever so slightly crashing ashore

The cheering seems to go on for
hours like a rushing waterfall or
teriyaki noodles boiling upon the stove

I look to the bleachers to see
a majestic opening, so majestic as if
to spend decades in a nice spring bath

The smell of watermelon makes
a hunger tear savagely at me, the man
in front of me reeks with the scent
of sweet potatoes.

I begin to eat the juiciest slice
of watermelon and feel myself evaporate
away into the saxophone players’ shoes.

I can feel myself above a roaring
crowed cheering as they listen to my
soothing sound like a heavenly flowing

Chad Henry


If a planet were a sound
it would sound like
the sound of the air conditioner
as it turns on and gets faster and faster

Kasady Sutterfield

Lost Era

In a long lost era
A big robot covered in moss and creepers
roams around the dying stars of our planet
The smell of sticky alien blood fills the endless space
As our guardian robot constantly squashes its foe
The screams of victory are heard through every planet

Russell Koch

Norfork High School
Norfork, AR
Dates of Visit: September 28-29, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Stacy Havner
Grade Levels: 11, 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 50
Visiting Writers: Julia Paganelli Marin, Gwendolyn Mauroner