KIPP: Delta Collegiate High School


broken combs and big brushes
cocoa butter and vaseline
Sunday School dresses
heat from hot combs
a mother’s voice saying “you’re beautiful”
family reunions.
big feet from walking barefoot
greens and yams

Jakyla Willis


Once upon of time there was
a little girl in the woods, she had
long red hair and freckles, she
would come to the woods to pick
berries only in the winter in the
summer she would not be here to
pick berries

Deabieyun Key


In my room sitting on my stool
were sticks.
Skinny and brown with a well-rounded
I always broke them on the rim
of my drum and would get chewed
out by my mom.
Long live the sticks.

Mario Nielson

Carpet Burn

That moment when my sister and I were fighting
to obtain the remote
The remote fell on the floor, our eyes locked to
gain each other’s fear
Next minute, her hands gripping my ankles as she
forcefully pulls me on the carpet
My shirt rolled up, arms stretched out as if I was
on a roller coaster
But I did scream, moments later, the skin on my
stomach, I felt the carpet burn

Caitlin Cook

What Happened?

I’ve graciously
more crisp waffles today.
I promptly enjoyed
them all
and carried on with my time.

John Huff

KIPP: Delta Collegiate High School
Helena, AR
Dates of Visit: November 2-3, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Vivian Sisk
Grade Levels: 9, 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 66
Visiting Writers: Kirsty Bleyl, Suzanne Monroe