Green Forest Middle School


The right eye says “Why are we always together.”
Left eye “We must stay together we cannot be apart.”
Right eye “I hate you, why must we work together?”
Left eye “We must.”

Tatam E.

The Cocky Cockroaches

Germany has the most beautiful baby blue fishes
but how, how are they so beautiful?
and the cockroaches eat the other cockroaches
and then the cockroach ate my brother
and that’s when I realized how they were
beautiful, because they were born like that

James Jerwan

Foreigner from Cuba

You can tell his milk chocolate, thin like paper hair was from Cuba.
Why did he miss his home so much?
The moths flew like a flock of birds going south.
He was one of the moths flying.
Cuba’s his home, his old life you cannot take that away.

Tess Lang

Green Forest Middle School
Green Forest, AR
Dates of Visit: November 9, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Tim Booth
Grade Levels: 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 18
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Zachary Harrod