Frank Mitchell Intermediate School

An eight eyed Alien

Ran to a cactus
Just as a lion spotted him
Across a crater on Jupiter
Just to eat a sea cucumber
But soon found out that the
Sea cucumber had scheduled
an appointment to the Doctor
at 9:30 PM.

Adelaide Droste

The Mountains

I am a snow leopard
dwelling in the mountains
of Central Asia
Hunting for wild sheep
and goats for the
next couple days
up in the cold, dry
mountains keeping
out of sight for I
will sneak up on my prey
as the hunt is over I
return to the rocky outcrop
on the side of the mountain
as the day for me is over

Kohen Sprague

Blender Hotel

I am staying in Blender Hotel. My name is
Jalapeno. My buddies tomato, cilantro, onion, garlic
salt, pepper, cumin, and lime are staying with me.
We are going sightseeing at Measurement Monument.
Then suddenly an alarm goes off saying “Please
evacuate to the top floor.” But we don’t make
We hurt. But we are now one. We call ourselves Salsa.

Stella Bomar

Blueberries everywhere!

Why are blueberries blue
as I pick blueberries from
my bush I wonder what is
in the blueberry
Why can’t they be red
instead of blue
I pick 32 blueberries
out of my blueberry
bush in my backyard
With my blueberries in my
basket my dog Dexter jumps
up and eats some of my
blueberries are blue because
they represent sadness
but most of the time
I am still happy because I
get to make blueberry pie
with my blueberries

Lila Toll


beginning of a movie, dead
phones, turned off computers, the
night sky, inside a trunk, attics,
basements, sheds, holes, Batman, black
paint, inside cabinets, crows, buzzards,
burnt foods

Wyatt Ratliff


It has a maple,
Body and copper nails,
two steel blades
with hands working about,
my father’s father,
made this thing,
this knife to,
me is love,
in form.

Dane Casteel

Did you ever see

Did you ever see
the smashed pie
with grass in
A crash test
turning to
A bomb dropped
on a
in the
middle of
a tornado
this natural
of a goatee on
a mouse with
a hockey stick
in its hand
duct tape on
a bed with
birds flying over
and a monkey
on it
Did you ever
see the pharaoh
with a box
of crayons
“this is
this is
in a

Kohen Sprague

Unpleasant Day

Brr, it’s cold.
I see the exhaust coming out of the train
I feel the dirty ground
I see the boxes
I hear the conductor saying Gare
Saint-Lazare station to a passenger
I smell something dead in the air
I see a family crying get on the
I see the train going
I look into the train and see
a casket

John Mason Halley

Lake Sticky

I’m in syrup I can’t move
it’s too sticky I can’t get out
will someone help me
I’m in syrup today

Lance McNew

Potato Heart

A kid born with a potato for a
heart is running across
the football field
right now
unfortunately he fell and broke his ear

Lance McNew

Crying Zookeeper

The zookeeper was crying because
he got fired from his job. He let the
gorillas out. The gorillas ate the rabbit who
ate the fish. The zoo was in chaos.
Sally, his boss, said to Kyle the zookeeper “You
are fired!”

Emily Smith

Frank Mitchell Intermediate School
Vilonia, AR
Dates of Visit: November 16-17, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Millsap
Grade Levels: 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 67
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Suzanne Monroe, Ben Whisman, Jacob Yordy